Issue 24

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 3, Issue 4
January 17th-January 23rd, 2021

Ship Collision in Arenztopia Bay

By Tony Yuan

Arenztopia Bay-A freighter collided with another freighter in Arenztopia Bay on Tuesday. Over 300 containers were lost and 12 injuries were reported, with 10 deaths reported so far. The control center at Arenztopia Bay issued a detailed report several hours after the crash, which says that the freighter Marice steamed into the bay, and collided with the side of the freighter Albatross, which was heading out of the bay. Marice tipped over, and some of her containers fell and sunk. The Albatross suffered a huge hole in its side and took on water until it, too, sunk. The capsized Marice was towed out of the bay after its crew was rescued, and the Albatross‘s engine exploded after most of its crew was also rescued. The lost cargo is estimated to be worth up to 13 million dollars, and includes food, machine parts, and wood. The cause of the crash has been determined to be poor judgement on the part of the captains. A search and rescue was organized to look for survivors on board the Albatross that might be stranded in pockets of air, but they only found bodies. Containers are currently being retreived. “This is one of the saddest disasters in the history of this bay,” says Jan Calceraki, the port officer on duty that day. “I sincerely hope that something like this will not happen again.”


By Owen Miyazoi

Famous artist Meikl Kynonakii's studio was attacked on Wednesday by a group called the “Classicist Revolutionaries”. After the attack, they released a video condemning Kynonakii's postmodern art, and preaching a return to the classical age. Kyonankii's “f” (see Issue 23) is believed to have been the subject of the attack. “f”, and many other artworks, were destroyed in the attack; however, Kyonankii escaped unharmed. We interviewed a random citizen about the attack. (He preferred to be kept anonymous.) “Art can be a very divisive issue, I think,” he said. “Honestly, I don't quite understand it.”


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The previously obscure football player Leon Courageux of the Olb City Gladiators was showered with fame and gifts after videos showed him plunging into a flaming building to rescue a little girl from the flames. Leon, who is originally from Normandy, suffered first- and second-degree burns over much of his body after the courageous act.


By Mezoir Logan

Temperatures are expected to flunctuate between -4 and 3 degrees tomorrow as winter progresses. Tropical Storm Vonso has dissipated completely after traveling into the Arenztopian Desert.

Coronavirus Report

By Owen Miyazoi

Cases have risen ever so slightly to 435. Deaths are still dropping, at 16. 300 more people have gotten the Avac vaccine, and a record 1,000 people have now gotten the new doses of Pfizer vaccine.

Feature: Leon Courageux

By Lorenzo Avila and Tony Yuan

We interviewed Leon Courageux, the brave hero who saved a little girl from a fire in North Olb City. Video footage from a bystander captured his heroic actions.

Olb City Announcer: So, first, what made you do it?

Leon Courageux: I think it was just seeing the terror in her eyes. It was horrible. She looked so scared.

OCA: Wow. That is very brave. What were you doing there?

LC: Well, I was going for a jog in my neighborhood, the same place the fire was. I live probably 7 houses down the street, and I saw the fire. For a little while, I was standing and watching. But, when saw the girl through the window, I went in.

OCA: That is very brave! How have you reacted to all of this crazyness of being on TV and the news and social media?

LC: It is crazy. I never thought this would happen. Honestly, I was very nervous to do this interview!

OCA: Well, that's ok, you did great! Thanks for coming!

LC: Thank you so much for letting me come!

New skyscraper cancelled

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The planned skyscraper bordering Olb Plaza was cancelled after budget cuts and the pandemic forced workers to abandon construction. The skyscraper was first announced in Issue 7 and it reached the 45th floor before construction was halted last December. It was announced that the entire construction would be torn down and replaced by a condo on Tuesday.

Person missing

By Owen Miyazoi

Mr. Joek Washinater was reported missing from his home on Wednesday. His wife says that she heard a crash and a scuffle in the night, and then she discovered the her husband was missing. Mr. Washinater is a very respected lifeguard who lives in Canopia.


By Tony Yuan


Stuck at home
For what seems
Like forever
Sooo bored.


By Owen Miyazoi

The respected shop owner Raudan Paulek died on Thursday. He owned a candy shop on 1st street, and was known for his kindness and integrity. Mr. Paulek was 87 years old. To show sympathy, visit his candy shop's website at or call 680-613-2187 for his home memorial number, and 1-750-1ST-CANDY for his business memorial number.