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Names given except for mine (Tony) are not complete for security reasons. Typos and/or faults are me and Lorenzo's complete responsibility. All mentioned events are scientifically possible and extensive research has been done to confirm that real people mentioned were alive in that time period. Most people are real, but some places are not. Portions of this website can be reproduced, stored in a retrival system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic, recording, or otherwise, but certain sections may require express permission from the Government of Arenztopia. This website was created using Github and Hugo on a Hewlett-Packard Chromebook 11 G5 computer, a Hewlett-Packard 15 G5 Chromebook, and a Macbook Pro. Typed in the USA. All rights reserved.

Special thanks to Michael Yuan for helping me with lots of technological things and extensively helping with the initial setting-up, and also to Ju Long for letting me use her email address, and giving small suggestions along the way. Thank you also to Mary Baurangel-Brown and Bruce Brown, along with Linda Bailey and Ed Huber for reading this in the early stages of development. Thanks also to The Arenztopian Community on providing ideas, help, comments, and support.


  • I (Tony Yuan) did not create Arenztopia. People think I created Arenztopia for some reason; that is not true. Lorenzo created Arenztopia, and many other people also provided support. I'm one of the people who provided support, although I provided more of it than most other people.
  • I (Tony Yuan) have no affiliation with my dad's Medium post about me creating Arenztopia. My dad got the facts wrong. I was also not influenced in any way by my trip to Italy.


Tony and Renzo and the Arenztopian Gov.