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General Guide

The Arenztopian Island resides off the coast of Mexico. The President is currently Lorenzo Avila, and he lives in Arenztopia City, which is located next to the Bay of Arenztopia at the southeast corner of the island. The 50 million people on the island enjoy a plentiful economy of $5 trillion and lots of beautiful cities. The major cities are Arenztopia City, Olb City, Noi City, Austerfield, Arville, Shersville, New Austin, Sitin, New Rome, Choran City, and Salnez. Symbols of Arenztopia include a horse, which is the national animal, and ice cream, the national food. The people speak Arenzese, English, and Spanish. Mount Arenztopia is the highest spot, at an astounding 20,100 feet. On the contrary, the lowest point is in the Arenztopian Desert at 200 feet below sea level. The country's motto is “We love books”, but the more commonly used version is the Arenzese, “Dv Olev Yllph.“The currency of Arenztopia is called the Arenzo. One Arenzo is equal to 50 cents USD. All stores will accept it, and most people use it. It is unique in that it is completely digital-no paper bills or coins involved.

Here's a free Arenzese translator. You type English into the box, press “encode”, and it'll translate into Arenzese.

Arenztopia is home to many cities. Arenztopia City is the largest, at nearly 2 million people in population. The smallest city is Cuyanting, with a population of just 2,500 people. There are three semi-autonomous city-states within Arenztopia, which are called Rohadden, Iremdor, and Aradakon, which are tax-free entities. They are areas that did not agree to the 2020 American Treaty and so became their own semi-autonomous entities.


This section explores the political alignment and structure of Arenztopia.

Political Structure

There is a president, who is voted into place, and who follows a constitution. The vice president is also voted into place and will become the new interim president in wake of the president suddenly resigning or dying. There are also five judges in the Supreme Court, and five senators. The judges function much like the Supreme Court of the USA, handling high-level cases and approving laws. The senators propose laws and perform other executive duties. Finally, the Executive Branch, consisting of the President, the Vice President, and the advisors, organizes the political ecosystem and keeps things in order, as well as making top-level desicions and passing laws. The Executive Branch also contains the President's Cupboard, which There is also a House of Representatives, which contains one representative from every state and region. They represent the state's intentions and propose bills. Every term for every position is two months, except for the president, who has a four-month term.

There are two main parties:

The Ethics Party, which values ethics over science. For example, if killing an animal is necessary for an experiment, as long as the animal is not absolutely necessary to the experiment, an Ethics person will not kill it. However, Ethics people are not vegetarians, because they think that animals can be eaten.

The Science Party, which values science over ethics. A Science person will kill an animal even if it is not absolutely necessary to an experiment or scientific process.

All independents are grouped into the Red Party.

There are several other, minor political parties in Arenztopia: There's the Median Party, which is for people who can't make up their minds, the Happy Party, which promotes total hedonism, and, of course, the widely-ridiculed and highly Instagrammable People and Worker's Socialist Communist Revolutionist Anti-Capitalist Party of Arenztopia, which is exactly what its name suggests.

Right now, the dominant party is the Science Party.

Laws are approved by this process: First, a group of citizens or a politician proposes a bill. If the bill is on a level lower than national, the citizens in the area that is affected by the bill vote on it. If it wins the vote, the leaders of the affected area review it again, then the bill is approved and passed into law. If the bill affects the entire nation, it goes to the senate. The senators look at the bill and make sure that it is reasonable and can be implemented, and if the bill is passed, it goes to the Executive Branch. The President, the advisors, and the Vice President look over the bill and see if it improves the situation of the country and if it fits the interests of the people. After that, the bill goes to the Judicial Branch, which are the judges, who make sure that it is constitutional, then they will officially pass the bill into law.

Political Alignment

Arenztopia is a military and economics ally to the city-states within it, and also to the USA, Japan, France, England, Germany, China, Mexico, Italy, Vatican City, and Canada.

Arenztopia does not have any enemies yet, except for the short-lived chaos organization Chickentopia and the now-defunct terrorist group Milestopia.


The main media group in Arenztopia is the AMG, Arenztopia Media Group, which is an association that includes APR (Arenztopia Public Radio), ARB (Arenztopia Royal Broadcasting), ATV (Arenztopia Television), ATN (Arenztopia Television Network), ANC (Arenztopia Newspaper Company), and ANN (Arenztopia News Network). APR is the central radio station in Arenztopia. It has stations, such as QAXR and NRTX, in every city in Arenztopia. ARB is the main TV channel from which presidential announcements and political news are broadcast. ATV is the main entertainment channel, showing mainly cartoons, TV movies, and comedy. ATN is one of the main AMG media companies and the largest in in Arenztopia, mostly broadcasting Science Party news. ANN is the other main AMG media company, mostly broadcasting Ethics Party news. ANC is the main newspaper conglomerate in Arenztopia. It is the largest media company in the AMG. The ANC owns about two-thirds of all newspapers in Arenztopia.

The AMG and its companies share the industry with some other media groups and several standalone media companies. The News-paper Publisher's Association of Arenztopia, NPAA, is the oldest media group in Arenztopia. It includes the famous early TV channel TVoA, Television of Arenztopia, and also the most widely published newspaper in Arenztopia, the ARENZ-G, Arenztopian Reporter of Events, News, and the arenZtopian Government, which is colloquially known as “The G”. The Jimmy Peyton Publishing Company, JPPC, was a large early publisher of newspapers and is now a large magazine distributor and TV conglomerate. It publishes the well-known World Event Reporter as well as the Daily Post, both huge magazine companies. The JPPC also publishes the “Trinity” of Engine Weekly, Driver's Guardian, and the eminent Racer & Driver, which are the three largest auto magazines in Arenztopia.

The Arenztopian Flag

The Arenztopian flag is a world-famous symbol of prosperity. It has a 3:2 aspect ratio and is divided into four quadrants. Notably, it was amended for the first time in fifty years in 2021 when two more stripes were added.
In the upper left and lower right quadrants, there are each six horizontal stipes going left to right. The collective twelve stripes represent the ten Arenztopian regions and states, plus the two Modinauian provinces. The stripes alternate blue, for peace, red, for courage, and white, for purity.
In the upper right quadrant there is a drawing of an open book on an orange color field, which represents happiness. The book's pages are colored white, representing purity. The Arenztopian motto, Dv Olev Yllph, is written with each word capitalized, in the font Candal, in black, in the center of the left-hand page. On the right-hand page the Arenztopian coat of arms is shown.
In the lower left quadrant there are two swords drawn next to each other on an olive green color field, which represents nature. They are pointing diagonally, in the same direction as the stripes in the upper left and lower right quadrants. The swords represent the many wars and rebellions that have been fought over Arenztopia in the past. The blades are colored silver, representing power and wealth. The hits and guards are colored gold, also representing wealth.
The reverse of the flag is the same. For the official model flag of Arenztopia, go here.

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This is a comprehensive guide to the history of Arenztopia.

History Section I: Colonization and Timeline

This section has comprehensive overviews of all of the civilizations that have colonized the Arenztopian Island at one point or another.

Part 1: The Discovery

In the year 1470, the great Incan emperor Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui sent a fleet of ships out from Cusco to explore new lands. The explorers, after venturing for about 500 miles out from shore, ran headfirst into a gigantic storm. It wrecked 3 of their ships and killed a dozen men, and the remaining people were forced to turn back. About a week later the brisk gale powered their crafts to a mysterious island. This island was Arenztopia, but the Incans called it Puquna Wat'a Pachacuti, which meant “Fertile soil island of Pachacuti”. Arenztopia was born.

Part 2: Incan Rule

This storm is called the Tlwh’ Yovhhrmt (gods’ blessing) in the folk tales. But the real gods’ blessing for these weary Incan travellers was the extremely fertile soil their scouts reported. Legend has it that the leader of the expeditionaries fell to his knees and said “Agradiseyki Inti, chaypas nogakuna munay llapa tiyay hamchi!"(a rough translation of praise Inti* for we will all be saved!) and started sobbing. The men made a large offering, and then gratefully planted wheat, maize, and potatoes that they had brought along on their boat while some people set out to notify the emperor. Over the next 60 years the emperor visited several times and Arenztopia was built up into a bountiful asset. Then, sixty-three years after that fateful storm-the Tlwh’ Yovhhrmt-Francisco Pizzaro came along and felled the mighty Inca Empire.

Spanish rule had begun.

*Inti was the king of the gods in the Inca empire.

Part 3: The Spanish

In 1533, the last emperor of the Incan Empire, Atahualpa, was brutally executed by Francisco Pizzaro, and the island of Arenztopia was turned over to the rapidly expanding Spanish Empire. The king of Spain at that time, Charles V, took note of this vast island added to his gigantic pan-European and South American empire and so he paid a trip to Arenztopia in 1535. He was awed at the beautiful scenery, fertile land, and unprecedented riches, and he decided to build a huge, grand ranch in Arenztopia. Then, in 1558, Charles died. The new king, Philip II, ignored Arenztopia except as a distant, overseas colony. Arenztopia fell into decline during the reigns of the next three kings, and it became a poor, farming community with few people and even less money. Then, during the reign of Philip V, everything changed. Philip revitalized Arenztopia, pumping money into the community and introducing more people. He embarked on a series of grand urban planning projects and founded many large cities, such as Canopia and Natania City. Over the next 200 years, Arenztopia flourished under Spanish rule. Then, during Alfonso XIII's rule, a geurilla group came over from Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico and conquered Arenztopia single-handedly in the Arenztopian Revolution. Arenztopia was now American.

Part 4: The Americans

In 1935, Arenztopia was formally annexed to the United States of America in the midst of the Great Depression by Franklin D. Roosevelt. President Roosevelt opted to make Arenztopia a semiautonomous territory of the USA, instead of a state, so that Arenztopia wouldn't be totally reliant on America during the Great Depression. Arenztopia became a minor battlefront for World War II when the Japanese tried to conquer it in the Pacific Theatre, reaching as far inland as the middle of the Arenztopian Desert before being beaten back by American troops. Arenztopia prospered under American rule for 85 years until 2020, when a treaty allowed Arenztopia to become its own independent nation.

Part 5: Modern Arenztopia

After signing a treaty with the USA in 2020 allowing it to have independence, the citizens of Arenztopia started to create a government and elect a president. In March 2020, the War of Chickentopia occured, when Arenztopia had an informal war against the chaos organization known as Chickentopia. In April 2021, Arenztopia annexed a small group of islands off the coast of Chile called the Modinau Archipelago. You can read more about modern Arenztopia in the other parts of this website.


1470: The Incas find Arenztopia.

1472: The Emperor of the Incas goes to Arenztopia for the first time.

1533: Francisco Pizzaro conquers the Incan Empire.

1535: Charles V pays a trip to Arenztopia and builds a ranch.

1558: Charles V dies.

1700: Philip V's reign starts and Arenztopia is revitalized.

1933-1934: Arenztopian Revolution

1935: Arenztopia is annexed into the USA.

2020: Arenztopia becomes an independent country.

2021: Arenztopia annexes Modinau.

History Section II: Modinau

Modinau is a group of islands off the coat of Chile that were annexed by Arenztopia in 2021. They have a very rich history.

Part 1: The Polynesians

The archipelago of Modinau was discovered by the Polynesians in the 1300s, and it was the last-discovered and farthest-flung outpost of the places settled by Polynesians. It slowly evolved to be very distinct from the other states in the region, with its own language and customs. For the period from 1400 to 1600, the islands were united under a single empire, which was called the Ke'mau Empire or Sea Land Empire. The Ke'mau Empire was ruled from the gleaming capital city of An'shmi Mar, or the City of the Mountain. An'shmi Mar sprawled across an entire island and was surrounded by walls that were twenty-five feet tall and ten feet thick, and these walls protected one of the largest cities in the world at the time, with a population of 800,000 people. At the center of An'shmi Mar was a gleaming palace called the White Palace, whose arches soared over 250 feet into the air. But then, in 1600, after the assassination of the last emperor Ni'kahn IV, the empire of Ke'mau descended into chaos and civil war.

Part 2: The Conquerors

Out of the chaos created by the collapse of the Ke'mau, by 1650 there were five competing states all occupying the Modinau Archipelago. The state which would prove victorious in the wars was called Ni'ke, or the Golden Land, and its ruler was a brilliant and ruthless warlord named Kahn'mar, or the Eagle of the Mountain. The state of Ni'ke conquered each of the other states, one by one, until 1710, when Modinau was united again. The last state to surrender was Ke'mau, the last remnant of the formerly glorious empire, and when Kahn'mar and his armies got to the gates of An'shmi Mar, they overran the walls, massacred the people, looted the houses, sacked the treasury, and, finally, burned the city to the ground. The gleaming arches of the White Palace collapsed into ash and rubble. Kahn'mar established a new capital city near the site of modern Choran City called An'ni, or the City of Gold, and at about this time he also established trade routes and diplomatic ties with the South American mainland. By 1750, the empire of Ni'ke was in a stable position, and construction of the capital city of An'ni was going smoothly. In 1755, the great warlord Kahn'mar died at the age of 95, and his son Mon'ar or Ruler of All took the throne. By 1845, An'ni was completed, and the empire of Ni'ke watched over a huge population of one million people. But then, in 1900, after decades of peace and prosperity under the rule of a monarchy, Emperor Isha'ran V decided to do the unthinkable. For the first time in its history, Modinau became a democracy.

Part 3: The Prime Ministers

After the “Democracy Announcement” in 1900, Emperor Isha'ran V abdicated the throne and the first election in Modinau's history was held. Oen Kahidi, a former government official, was elected to be Modinau's first Prime Minister, and he renamed the country from the rather antiquated Ni'ke to Modinau. Kahidi served three terms until 1915, when Winiki Anisha took power. Anisha is credited with modernizing Modinau: He introduced airplanes, trains, cars, and electric lighting; he established embassies and diplomatic relationships, and he moved the capital from An'ni to the burgeoning new city of Choran. Anisha also laid out a new residence for the Prime Minister, the luxurious Mon Mansi, with over 75 rooms. In the midst of this all, Anisha had to deal with World War One, and he made what was widely considered the right descision by staying neutral. Anisha was very popular and served the maximum four terms until 1935. Many other Prime Ministers followed, until the prime minister Oen Nansi in 1995. Nansi stands out in Modinauian history because he launched the insanely ambitious program that bankrupted Modinau: The legendary Modinau Mass Transport Program, or MMTP.

Part 4: The Bankruptcy

On January 1, 2000, Prime Minister Oen Nansi announced the Modinau Mass Transport Program. It was an ambitious program to connect the islands of Modinau with the longest train bridges in the world. It was estimated to cost 1 trillion Arenzos and last nine years. The project plowed forward, draining the treasury and the federal funds at a rate of more than seventy billion Arenzos per year. By February 1st, 2007, it was rumored that there were only fifty Arenzos left in the treasury. The next day, Prime Minister Oen Nansi announced the unthinkable. For the first time in nearly seven hundred years, Modinau was completely bankrupt. Almost immediately, there were cries of outrage. Protests swept the nation. Work on the MMTP was immediately halted. The economy went into freefall. Oen Nansi resigned on March 1, and Anmar Nimon was hurriedly elected into place. Nimon increased exports tenfold, raised taxes, and did all he could to raise federal funds and increase the amount of money in the treasury. It paid off: By the start of 2012, there were over 300 billion Arenzos in the treasury and 200 billion more for federal funds. Work on the MMTP was carefullly resumed. In 2018, the MMTP was completed, at a cost of 1.2 trillion Arenzos and 18 years. Anmar Nimon proved popular and served until 2020, when Ishakahn Makiki'a was elected. Despite Nimon's efforts, Makiki'a still had many money problems to deal with, including a weak economy, undervalued currency, and huge amount of federal debt. Makiki'a served until 2021, when Modinau was annexed by Arenztopia due to these monetary issues.

Go here for a Modinauian-English-Arenzish dictionary of some selected terms!

History Section III: The Museum

This is the museum, where you can see some of the official Arenztopian documents. It also includes a full list of everything in the Arenztopia Folder, a folder containing all the paper documents of Arenztopia, and many, many things from the founding of Arenztopia.

These are pictures of some Official Arenztopian Documents.

[Coming Soon!]

Museum Exhibit 2: List

This is the unabridged list of all the items in the Arenztopia Folder, a big blue folder that serves as a repository for almost every paper government document ever in the history of Arenztopia. In all, this list contains 90 objects, all important and integral to the establishment of Arenztopia as we know it today. This list represents an unprecedented attempt to catalog Arenztopian history.

Key: (IT) = Informational Text (writing)
(O) = Old stuff (stuff that is not relevant anymore)
(WiP) = Work in Progress (unfinished)
(2P) = two pages taped together
[thing] / [thing on back of page]
[thing]+[other thing on the same page]

Left pocket (government things):

Map of Olb City
Arenztopia full coat of arms
Arenztopia official map / History of Arenztopia (IT)
Arenztopia topographical map
Arenztopia highway map
City coat of arms
Arenztopian cities
Arenzese translation guide
List of Arenztopia Media Group companies
Rivers of Arenztopia
Map of Modinau
Arenztopia Info
The Arenztopian Island (IT)
The Arenztopian Flag
Arenzese Translation Guide (O)
Top Secret Document (O)
Top Secret Document (O)
Job Sheet (O)
The King's crown (O) / The King's crown explanation (IT)
When Translating to Arenzese (IT)
The King's great military affairs hall facade drawing / The King's great reception hall floor plan + king's throne diagram
Forbidden Halls of Arenztopia drawing
King Renzo's Meeting Schedule (O)
Blank sheet of paper
Suhan L. Release Form (O)
Allies signature sheet (O)
Do Not Let These People In!: Suhan, Luke, and Jake (O)
Check for 1 trillion Arenzos: Paid from Renzo to Suhan (O)
New Arenztopian Constitution (WiP)
New Arenztopian Constitution 2nd page (WiP)
Old Arenztopian Constitution (O) / Old Facts (O)
Arenzese Translation Guide, Tony edition (WiP) (2P)
Original Arenzese Translation Guide (O)
List of National Parks (O)
Arenztopian National Park Service logo
Old Arenztopian Facts (O) / Arenztopia Founders + Welcome to Arenztopia Sign (WiP) (O)
An old drawing of an Arenztopian Villa (WiP) (2P)
The Hall of Splendorous Grandour / The King's Guard
Map of the average Arenztopian Incan vault (O) + Map of an Incan Temple complex (O) / The Incans in Arenztopia Island (IT)
Aircraft illustration (O) / Death Squadron Elite division explanation (IT) (O)

Notebook paper in the middle:

title page: Arenztopia Official Government Documents
Arenzish Sign Language / Arenzish Sign Language cont. + timeline (O)
Map of Arenztopia City / Short-lived attempt by Clint Lee to redesign Arenztopia City (WiP) (O)
Arenztopia Train Station + Arenztopia Train Station description / Mrs. Young Day is March 9th
Clint L. Memorial Day
Budget Sheet: Suhan Edition+stuff that Suhan wants (O)
Arenztopia Coat of Arms Rough Draft
Government Warning: James M. is a Spy! (O)
Jobs (O)
Arenztopia Government Balance Sheet
Tax Checklist (WiP) (O)
Arenztopia Citizen Register (O)
Note: Yeet Language Precursor: Alejandro Version (O)
Store Notes: Sam's Pokemon Store
Meeting Summary Government Crisis Form (O)
Arenztopia Governmental Meeting Register (WiP)
Political Structure
List of Bureaus
List of National Parks (WiP)
List of Officers (WiP)
Native Arenztopian Day

Right Pocket (non-government things):

Dripping Cone Logo
Dripping Cone 100 Years (O)
Olb City Art Museum drawing
Arenztopia Companies Logos Design Sheet
Arenztopia City City Hall drawing
Tony's University Diploma
Olb City Announcer Issue 6 Page 1-2 Olb City Announcer Issue 6 Page 3-4 Olb City Announcer Issue 5 Page 1-2
Olb City Announcer Issue 5 Page 3-4
Olb City Announcer Issue 4 Page 1-2
Olb City Announcer Issue 4 Page 3-4
Olb City Announcer Issue 3 Page 1-2
Olb City Announcer Issue 3 Page 3-4
Olb City Announcer Issue 2 Page 1-2
Olb City Announcer Issue 2 Page 3-4
Olb City Announcer Issue 2 Page 5-6
Olb City Announcer Issue 1 Page 1-2
Olb City Announcer Issue 1 Page 3-4
Arenztopiarus Genus Page 1
Arenztopiarus Genus Page 2
Arenztopiarus Genus Page 3
Map of Soa
Olb City Announcer To-do (O)
GD & Co advert
Incan Decorative Helmet drawing / Incan dagger drawing
Arenztopia Beach Palace drawing / Title of Drawing+Stats about the palace
GD & Co flagship and headquarters drawing
Arenztopia Financial Center drawing (O)
Arenzese Translation Guide (O)
Unknown Arenztopia Palace floor plans
Arenzese Coca-Cola advert
Arenztopian Incan Temple drawing
The Presidential Limousine drawing
Arenztopia Mountain drawing (O)
Battle Plan: War of Chickentopia (O)
Battle Plan: War of Chickentopia 2 (O)
Arenztopia government diagram (O)
Confidential: For the King's eyes only (O)


Arenztopia is a reasonably large island roughly 2,000 miles off the coast of Mexico. In the west, it has mainly grassland and some forest. In the central part, it has a desert and a large forest. Near the northern and southern tips of the island are two tall mountains, Arenztopia Volcano and Arenztopia Mountain. In the east, there is a large mountain range called the Tfziwrmh, and some hilly terrain dotted with some forests. In the north there are some more mountains and more hills, with several large patches of grassland.

Several major rivers and deltas exist in Arenztopia.

  • The Arenztopia River is the largest river in Arenztopia. It runs through the heart of Arenztopia City and continues inland, where it feeds several lakes and wetlands.
  • The Tortoise River flows through Olb City and meets the Chrysanthemum River at the largest delta in Arenztopia to form one of the largest river systems in Arenztopia.
  • The Chrysanthemum River feeds several mountain lakes on Arenztopia Mountain. It shares a delta with the Tortoise River where the two rivers meet the sea.
  • The Hernandez River is an extremely long river that waters the National Forest and reaches a little bit into the Arenztopian Desert.
  • The Cattle River feeds a massive floodplain in the Coast Region. It forms a long river system with the Glass River.
  • The Glass River feeds two very large lakes and meets the Cattle River at a third lake.
  • The Marsh River feeds a large bog in the Coast Region. Outflows from this bog help water the National Forest. The Marsh River also forms a river system with the Hernandez River.
  • The Squash River forms one of the longest river systems in Arenztopia with the Prairie River. This river system helps water the vast grasslands of Uivrmw.
  • The Prairie River is the only river in Arenztopia which does not have a delta where it meets the sea. It forms a river system with the Squash River.

Arenztopia has many cities:

Arenztopia City is on the southern coast. It is the capital of Arenztopia and of the Capital Region. It's the biggest city in Arenztopia at 2 million pop. and it controls Arenztopia Bay, a stop on many major shipping routes. Arenztopia City is strategically placed next to Arenztopia Bay on a steep hill.

New Rome is farther inland in the Capital Region. It's the center of technology in Arenztopia; it's comparable to Silicon Valley in the US.

New Athens is in the Coast Region, about 75 to a hundred miles away from Arenztopia Volcano. It's the capital of the arts, and has produced many trending and contemporary artists throughout the ages.

Canopia, on the northern coast, is the capital of the Coast Region. It is a bustling resort town which has a bustling tourism industry.

Arville is near the northern tip of Arenztopia. It boasts the record for the lowest temperature in Arenztopia: -16 degrees celsius.

Shersville is the capital of Uivrmw. It has a bunch of museums. It is a relatively young city, having been established in 1890.

Chanlania is the largest city in Uivrmw. It was formerly a city-state.

Hasiania is the capital of Qfhgrxv, which is a minor state bordering the Arenztopian Desert. It's the sister city of Chanlania and was also formerly a city-state.

Sitin is a city on the border between Qfhgrxv, the Arenztopian Desert, and the National Forest. It is the sister city of Shreet.

Shreet is a city on the border between Qfhgrxv and the Arenztopian Desert. It is known for its art museum. It's the sister city of Sitin.

New Paris is the capital of, and the largest city in, the Tfziwrzmh. It has a bustling tourist industry.

New Austin is the capital of, and the largest city in, the Arenztopian Desert. It's the sister city of New Paris, and also has a bustling tourist industry.

Austerfield is the capital of Szkkrmvhh. It is one of the oldest cities in Arenztopia, having been founded in 1544. It's known as a very industrial city.

Olb City is the second-largest city in Arenztopia, with 1.75 million residents. It is known for its architecture, industry, and science. It's the capital of the Old Region.

Natania City is a satellite city of Olb City. There's nothing really special about it.

Noi City is the sister city of Olb City and is home to much contemporary art and architecture.

Choran City was the capital city of the newly annexed Republic of Modinau. It has a large port and narrow streets; it's a very beautiful city with almost no skyscrapers.
Salnez is a charming fishing town in the Modinau Region. It is known for its beautiful tropical beaches and environmentally freindly fishing practices.

Living in Arenztopia

Arenztopia is a vibrant country, with a plentiful economy and lots of people. In this section of the website you will learn everything you need to know about living in Arenztopia.


In Arenztopia, you can find a wide array of diverse homes and apartments. Here are some of the best.

AZC Deluxe Apartments ($$) is an apartment complex in the vibrant suburban parts of Arenztopia City with a modern vibe. Options include a 1 bedroom option and a two bedroom option. The 1 bedroom option has a monthly rent of 2,000 Arenzos. It features a full kitchen, small bathroom, and living area, plus a small laundry room/closet. It is 615 square feet and is ideal for one person. The two bedroom option includes two and a half bathrooms and a living area, plus a full kitchen and large laundry room. It is 700 square feet and costs 6,000 Arenzos. Pets are allowed in both types of flat. Amenities include a game room, indoor pool, and sports fields. Reviews say that the apartment complex is perfect in every way, except it is located next to a freeway and a very popular sports bar, so it can get quite noisy sometimes. Visit their website at azc.com.

Bleu Apartments ($) is a semi-rustic apartment complex in the heart of Olb City. All flats are one bedroom, half a bath, and a full kitchen with living area; this is all in a small, 450-square foot area. Pets are allowed as long as they are not noisy and as long as they do not pee on the floors. The rent is 2,000 Arenzos monthly. Amenities include a pool, laundry room, and complimentary residents-only cafe. Bleu also has convenient access to the freeway, although reviews say that the traffic can get very busy during the rush hour. It is the top-rated cheap apartment in Olb City. Visit their website at bleu-apartments.com.

The Chief Complex ($$$) is a modern and colorful complex in the heart of Arenztopia City. All flats are 775 square feet with two bedrooms, 1 and a half baths, full kitchen, living area, and seperate dining area, plus a large laundry room and closet. Pets are allowed at a monthly fee of 200 Arenzos. The rent is 7,000 to 8,000 Arenzos monthly. It has beach front access, but this means that it can get pretty noisy sometimes. There is a cafe at street level but it fills up quickly in the mornings. It is ideal for families that make a decent amount of money. Visit their website at chiefcomplex.az.

Don't want to live in an apartment? Check out these highly-rated neighborhoods.

The Natania Circle ($$) is a suburban neighborhood in Natania City. All houses are three bedroom, two and a half bath, with a living area, dining room, full kitchen, outdoor deck, and large closets and laundry room. They sell for 900,000 Arenzos and are 2,100 square feet; however, you can rent them for 75,000 Arenzos monthly. The houses are arranged in a circle around an outdoor area featuring a pool, park, and dog park. The public schools nearby have an average AES (Arenztopian Education Score) of 4.25 out of 5. The neighborhood features easy access to an HEB and two strip malls. Visit their website at ncircle.com.

Hfyfiyzm ($$$) is a gated neighborhood on the outskirts of Arenztopia City. The large and accordingly expensive houses all have the same basic stats of 7 bedrooms, 6 baths, a pool, a reception area, a very large living area, an outdoor dining room and kitchen, an indoor dining room and kitchen, and a deck on the second floor. The houses are a whopping 6,500 square feet, and come in three styles. People say that it is ideal for large families who earn lots of money. You can buy one for 1,750,000 Arenzos. The average AES (Arenztopian Education Score) of the schools nearby is 4.75 out of 5. There is easy access to a large park and several strip malls, as well as two HEBs. Visit their website at hfyfiyzm.com.

Noi City Heights ($$$) is a neighborhood located near downtown Noi City. Noi City Heights, just like the city it is located in, is a bustling site with lots of activity and modern vibes. The houses are large with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a walk in freezer, and a pool. They also include a large living area and 2 dining rooms. The houses are a good 2500 square feet. The average cost for the houses are 500,000 Arenzos. The average AES (Arenztopian Education Score) of the surrounding area is an amazing 4.95 out of 5. The community is located near many grocery stores and restaraunts. Visit their website at NCHeights.com.


In Arenztopia there are many ways to get around from Point A to Point B.

Car ($$) The car industry in Arenztopia is dominated by Arenztopia Motors (AM), AEV, and Tellurium Group (TG), with foreign companies making up just 45% of the market. Cars are the dominant mode of transportation in Arenztopia. One of the best car dealerships is Jack Sawyerton Arenztopian Cars. They have locations all over the country and offer cars at a lower price than any other dealer, with a very long warranty and free emergency servicing.

Subway ($) The subway systems of Arenztopia are governed under the SRD (Subway Regulation Department) of the Bureau of Transportation. Many major cities have subways: Arenztopia City, Olb City, Noi City, Hasiania, Chanlania, and Shersville all have extensive subway systems. The standard price for a one-way ticket is two Arenzos, and you can buy a subscription-type MetroPass for 10 dollars a month.

Train ($$) There are many types of trains in Arenztopia. The foremost passenger train is the ABTVN-T-B bullet train, which runs alongside all the major highways. It can get from Arenztopia City to Olb City in just over 7 hours. Light rail systems run through the downtowns of Olb City and Arenztopia City, and the HIA (Hasiania International Airport), SIA (Shersville International Airport), OCIA (Olb City International Airport), and ACIA (Arenztopia City International Airport) all have monorail systems. The standard starting fare for the ABTVN-T-B is ten Arenzos, and the price increases by two Arenzos for each mile that you travel. The light rail systems of Olb City and Arenztopia City both have staring fares of two Arenzos, and this increases by one Arenzo for every half a mile that you travel. A great long-distance train option is the Lirvmg Express, which goes just about everywhere in Arenztopia and has a starting fare of two Arenzos, with a further two Arenzos added for every mile that you travel. Many of the other passenger train options have adopted the fare system used by the Lirvmg Express as well.

Bus ($) There are many types of bus in Arenztopia. Tour companies offer long-distance trips throughout the country, competing with the government-endorsed ABTVN-B-LD long-distance bus network. All the cities have bus systems in one form or another; the universal starting fare is 1 Arenzo, and this increases by 1 Arenzo for every half a mile that you travel.

Taxi ($) The taxi is an efficient way to travel around major cities. They are governed under the TRC (Taxi Regulation Committee) of the Bureau of Transportation. The universal starting fare is 1 and a half Arenzos, and this increases by one Arenzo for every half a mile you travel. The main taxi company in Arenztopia is the ABCVG-C-T network, which competes against the main private taxi company, Itaxin. Most taxis are AEV C-220 Lombard Mk II Taxis, more commonly known as the AEV Lombard Taxi. TG Lanskes are also seen, as well as AM Washingtons and AM Ganshalls.

Plane ($$) Planes are a quick and fast way to get from one end of Arenztopia to the other. All major airlines such as Delta, United, and Arenztopia Airways all offer domestic flights within Arenztopia. Another good domestic airline is SC Air, which provides quick, cheap, and comfortable flights to just about any airport in Arenztopia. Prices vary; a cross-country flight is about 300 Arenzos and a short, city-to-city hop is about 30 Arenzos.

Boat ($) Arenztopia has many long rivers, so a boat is certainly an option to get around. The Tortoise and Arenztopia rivers both have boat taxi programs, with a universal fare of 2 Arenzos, and an increase of 1 Arenzo for every half a mile that you travel. There are also many river ferries; the foremost is the ABTVN-S-RF ferry, which travels down all major rivers. Oceanic ferries are available too; these ferry people to and from coastal towns and off-coast attractions. Prices vary; a river ferry trip down a major river such as the Tortoise, Hernandez, or Arenztopia costs about 160 Arenzos, and a tour down the city-surrounded part of a river costs about 40 Arenzos. An oceanic ferry to a major attraction such as Thunberg National Marine Reserve costs about 50 Arenzos, and an oceanic ferry to and from two coastal cities such as Hillsbury and Canopia costs about 40 Arenzos.


There are many good-paying and easy jobs in Arenztopia. Here are some of the best.

Pilot ($$) is a very popular job in Arenztopia. It requires much training but pays an average of 20,000 Arenzos per month, enough to live in a luxury neighborhood. If you like flying and are interested in how planes work, then you can sign up for beginner pilot academy at apa.az.

Dripping Cone Employee ($$$) is a very sought-after job. It requires a medium amount of training: just how to clean the ice cream machine, how to talk to customers and other basics. It pays up to 21,000 Arenzos a month. If you like ice cream and talking to people, sign up at signup.drippingcone.com.

Teacher ($$$) is a very respected job. Unlike in many countries, teachers in Arenztopia are very well paid at 35,000 Arenzos a month on average. It does require a master's degree in college and 1 year of teacher shadowing. If you like teaching children and interacting with other people, sign up at abe.az for public schools or acps.org for private schools.

Store Owner ($$) Lots of people in Arenztopia own small businesses. Small businesses can claim tax credits and take loans with decreased interest. Depending on how successful your business is, you can make anywhere from six thousand to 17 thousand Arenzos per year.

IT Worker ($$-$$$) IT worker is a popular job in Arenztopia. Fluency in coding with most popular coding languages is required, but if you do not have these skills some universities offer excellent coding classes. A beginning-level IT worker in Arenztopia can make somewhere around 8,000 Arenzos per month, which is a decent salary. Senior IT workers can make somewhere around 25,000 Arenzos per month, which is enough to live in a luxury neighborhood.

Artist ($-$$$) Artists of every style are widely accepted throughout Arenztopia. Any good artist can sell their work to a specialist gallery for at least 1,000 Arenzos, and often much more than that. Some of the highest prices for beginner artists’ artwork in Arenztopia hover around two million Arenzos.

Author ($$) Authors earn more in Arenztopia than they do in many other countries. A hired writer can make an average of 17,000 Arenzos per month, while a freelance one might make somewhere around 10,000 Arenzos per month.

Food and Groceries

There are many places to get food and groceries in Arenztopia. Here are some of the best.

HEB ($) HEB is a supermarket. They offer quick service, low prices, and quality food. Nearly every neighborhood in Arenztopia has easy access to an HEB. Visit their website at heb.com.

680 Pizza ($$) 680 Pizza is a pizza shop headquartered in downtown Olb City. It has branch locations all over Arenztopia. 680 Pizza has lower prices than most premium pizza shops, and its pizzas are healthier than the ones you get at fast food stores.

Dripping Cone ($$) Dripping Cone is the world's largest ice cream company, with nearly as many stores as McDonalds. They have nearly every flavor of ice cream and every type of candy. Visit their website at drippingcone.com.

AZ SuperMarket ($$) AZ SuperMarket is a popular Arenztopian supermarket which has good food, cheap prices, and locations all over the country. They are open 24/7. Visit their website at azsupermarket.az.

Tllwullw Foods ($) Tllwullw Foods is a cheap supermarket found all over Arenztopia. It provides high-quality food at a low price. It is open 5 days a week from 9am to 9pm. Visit their website at tllwullw.com.


Length across, lengthwise: 2,400 miles
Length across, width-wise: 1,600 miles
Highest point: Arenztopia Mountain-20,100 feet above sea level
Lowest point: Arenztopian Desert (Al-Shakbur Oasis Settlement)-200 feet below sea level
Largest city: Arenztopia City-2 million pop.
Smallest city: Cuyanting-2,500 pop.
Unit of measurement: Imperial/Standard System but with Celsius instead of Farenheit
Tallest building: Arenztopia Tower-1,800 feet (550 meters)
Total population: 51.5 million
Motto: We love books (Dv Olev Yllph)
Demonyms: Arenztopian, Arenzish, Arenzese, sometimes Modinauian
Web Suffixes: .zv, .arenz, .arnz, .arnztpa, .ziv, .mod, .mdnau
No. of regions/states: 10
Largest region/state: Coastal Region
Smallest region/state: Mountain Region
Size of Economy: 10 trillion Arenzos (5 trillion USD)
Largest Company: Dripping Cone
National animal: Horse
National food: Ice Cream
Languages spoken: Arenzese, English, Spanish, Modinauian
Highest temperature recorded: 41˚C (105˚F)
Lowest temperature recorded: -16˚C (16.8˚F)

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