The Arenztopian Community

This section explores the Arenztopian Community, who are the foundation for a modern Arenztopia. From shopowners to video game experts, from politicans to presidents, these are among the first to discover and colonize a new Arenztopia.

Photo of Lorenzo A.

Lorenzo A.

Creator and President of Arenztopia

Lorenzo A. is the creator and first president of Arenztopia. He wields lots of authority and established modern Arenztopia in 2019. After taking power in 2020, he transformed Arenztopia into a prosperous nation. Many roads and monuments are named after him, as he is the first president. He was also the one who made the decision to change Arenztopia from a monarchy to a democracy. He has a comprehensive knowledge of Greek Mythology and a degree in classics from the University of Arenztopia. He has a strong amount of influence on many things from science and tech to travel and food.

Tony Y.

Vice President

Tony Yuan is the Vice President of Arenztopia. He designed the geographical layout of Arenztopia and also the flag. Tony assisted the president greatly during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and created this website and more during the pandemic. He served as Vice President from Arenztopia's creation until March 2020, when he was impeached for trying to make a peace deal with Milestopia. Kassie K. took over for him. He then won in the 2020-2021 elections and is now the Vice President again. Tony is on a first-name basis with the president.

Kassie K.

Head Judge

Kassie K. is the Head Judge of Arenztopia. She formerly served as vice president; She succeded Tony Y. in March 2020 and served until December 2021, when she was succeded again by Tony Y. Along with Sam K., she is the leading expert in video games in Arenztopia, specializing in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Her real name is Kassandra. She was also a very infulential figure in early Arenztopian politics: She was the second person to join modern Arenztopia and helped to create many things at the start including the Arenzese sign language.

Claire P.

Chief Advisor

Claire P. is the Cheif Advisor to the president of Arenztopia. She is one of the 3 original founders of Arenztopia along with Lorenzo and Kassie. She is an influential figure in Arenztopian politics and has served for two terms as Advisor, and is now serving her third term. She was also the CEO of Dripping Cone, the largest ice cream company in the world and the largest company in Arenztopia.

James O.

Pilot and Senator

James O. is a pilot for Arenztopia Airways. He holds the distinction of being the only pilot in the airline to design his own plane. He is also a popular and influential senator in Arenztopia. He's also a strong advocate of the Arenztopian Military and was the supreme lieutenant commander of the Royal Armed Forces of Arenztopia during the War of Chickentopia.

Livia M.

Chocolate Manufacturer

Livia M. is a prolific entreprenuer and runs a chocolate-manufacturing empire. She is the cheif chocolate supplier for Dripping Cone, the biggest company in Arenztopia.

Sam K

Video game expert and store manager

Sam K. is a leading expert in video games in Arenztopia, along with Kassie K. He specializes in Super Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and the Pokémon trading card game. In fact, he owns a large Pokémon buiseness that operates multiple stores across the country.

Charlotte H.

Senator and Taste Tester

Charlotte recently won her second term as senator and is also a taste tester for Dripping Cone ice cream company, which was voted “Best job in Arenztopia” by The Arenztopia Inquirer.

Clint L.

Newspaper Manager and leader of his own (disputed) country

Clint L. is the manager of TC News and leader of a non-recognized, disputed group of islands off the coast of Arenztopia called Heruka.

Ellidy J.


Ellidy is a student currently studying theater at the University of Arenztopia. She is a distinguished Arenztopian for her contributions to the archives of the Department of Theater at Arenztopia University. She is currently serving her first term as Mayor.

Ishaan P.

Student of Arcaeology

Ishaan is a student studying archaeology at the University of Arenztopia. He discovered the important hominid called Australopithecus Renzosis, which was the first hominid ever discovered in Arenztopia. Ishaan has also recently started a successful Lego business.

Suhan L.

Former Prime Minister

Suhan L. is originally of Chinese heritage. He joined Arenztopia and was the former Prime Minister of Arenztopia until the Prime Minister position was removed. He then made criminal deals with the terrorist organization Milestopia and was ejected from Arenztopia and thrown in jail. Recently he promised to become a beneficial citizen of Arenztopia so he was readmitted, but after his readmission he made a series of mistakes. He is on parole.

Henry P.

Animal Rescuer

Henry is an animal expert who specializes in corgies. He has saved over 100,000 animals in Arenztopia as of September 2020 from his goverment funded buisiness “Arenztopia Animals”.

Ethan H.

Art store manager and prominent citizen

Ethan H. is the manager of the renowned and huge chain of art stores known as Arenztopia Art Store. He is a prominent citizen and is the richest person in Austerfield.

Bowen F.

Former Police Chief

Bowen F. is an influential citizen. He used to be the police chief of the Arenztopia City Police Department (ACPD) and he played an integral part in catching crime boss Miles Jordan, among many others. He is now the governor of a disputed and unrecognized state off the cosat of Arenztopia, near Clint L.‘s unrecognized state of Heruka.

Michael A.


Michael A. is a newcomer to Arenztopia, but has already been elected to the position of Senator. He says that he initially entered the elections as a joke and was amazed by his own win.

Cort C.

Raghav R.

Ryan Z.


Ryan Z. is a famous pilot for Arenztopia Airways.

Sai G.

Private Investigator

Sai G. is a private investigator for the OCPD and ACPD. She is currently investigating the unsolved mystery of the explosion at the Tortoise River Freight Port, which was mentioned in Issue 31 of the Olb City Announcer.

Tasneem A.

Sahana R.

Private Investigator

Sahana R. is a private investigator based in Olb City. She is currently working with Sai G. on the unsolved mystery of the explosion at the Tortoise River Freight Port, which was mentioned in Issue 31 of the Olb City Announcer.