Tourism is a major industry in Arenztopia, and this section functions like a basic guidebook to the three biggest tourist destinations in Arenztopia.

Arenztopia City

Arenztopia City was founded in 1565. It is a very large city with a great reputation. It contains countless fun things and a wealth of different experiences. See a map of the city center


Hotel De Luxe $$$ The Hotel De Luxe is the top hotel in Arenztopia City. Although very expensive (1500-2000 Arenzos per night), it comes with spectacular views over the city and bay. This hotel is top-of-the-line luxurious. The suites have marble bathrooms, velvet rugs, memory-foam king-size beds, and 4 rooms per suite, plus super fast on-demand room service. They offer both modern, sleek rooms and a simulated 16th century inn bedroom, complete with toilets dsigned to resemble chamber pots. Top of the line appliances include an automated voice assistant and two 100-inch plasma TVs per suite. 1602 Tourism Street

Arenztopia Inn and Suites $$ Arenztopia Inn and Suites is a high-end but still casual place. It is moderately expensive (200-300 Arenzos per night) for a great experience. It does not have a commanding view, but comes with a 2-room suite and high-quality room service. It also provides easy access to the Scientist's Round, especially Mendeleev Plaza, and it is located at a spot with low traffic. Another plus is that it is right next door to the ACMA. It is within a 10-minute walk from both the Palace of Arenztopia and the Arenztopia City Town Hall. 5802 Arenztopia Boulevard Five

Hotel Reale $$ This great hotel is very high-end and modern but has a reasonable price tag (100-200 Arenzos per night). It has moderate views, but unfortunately is located in a high-traffic zone. It has a free shuttle to all major sites. It is known for its professional chefs who cook breakfast and dinner Monday through Saturday. 1202 Texas Road

Hilton Arenztopia $$ A very standard, casual Hilton with great views but lots of traffic. Very close to the Dripping Cone Flagship store, and most tours of Arenztopia City begin there. 100-200$ per night. 2403 Longhorn Street


Fuhulemishirae Luxury Cusine $$$ This is the undisputed king of all resturaunts in Arenztopia. The name Fuhulemshirae strikes fear into the hearts of food critics, chefs, and foodies alike. Komare Fuhulemshirae has spent all fifty years of his life preparing food and perfecting it. The signature dish is the 300-Arenzo Fuhulemshirae's Klolmrfn Super, which is a dish so spicy and so good that people have fainted eating it. *By appointment only. Must reserve 4 months in advance. 1000 Arenztopia Roundabout

Dripping Cone Flagship Store $$ A huge store filled with the all of the best ice cream flavors that you could imagine. Dripping Cone ice cream is a classic staple of Arenztopia and has been since 1920. Though Dripping Cone is a ice cream store, in 2020 it joined with a chocolate company and now offers many candies and choclates along with ice cream. The shop has many colorful paintings, and it also includes a huge indoor playscape for children with a waterslide, and real grass. 2401 Arenztopia Boulevard

NIOP Palace of Cusine $$ One of the biggest resturaunts in Arenztopia, this gargantuan behemoth is 21,780 square feet of all the food from all the cultures you could imagine, from pad thai to hot dogs to haggis to pizza to empanadas to some stuff that you've never heard of-it's all here. 2700 Arenztopia Boulevard Three

Things to do

Archeological Park $$ A vast archeological park with dinosaurs, mammoths, and ancient hominid remains. The 30-Arenzo ticket covers admission to every part of the park except for the museum, which charges 10 Arenzos extra, and a further 4 Arenzos to go to the special exhibits. Famous archaeologist Ishaan P. does weekly presentations, which costs an extra 20 Arenzos per person. 2600-3400 Texas Road

Arenztopia City Museum of Art (ACMA) $ An amazing museum with thousands of statues, paintings, and drawings by hundreds of iconic masters, arranged in chronological order. You can do a variety of things there like bid on paintings. 5801 Arenztopia Boulevard Five

Cathedral $ A large, Italian-style cathedral built in the extravagant Sicilian Baroque style with an Italian Rococo interior. An excellent example of totally overdoing it in style. 10 Arenzos admission to see the most extravagantly styled building in Arenztopia. The main building was built in 1787 but was remodeled in 1990. 3300 Renzo Street

Egyptian Obelisk $ A very tall obelisk that was bought from Egypt. It is in the center of Obelisk Plaza and next to the Egyptian Museum, which has lots of ancient statues, inscriptions, and jars, but no real mummies. It costs 6 Arenzos to go to all of these places at once. 3500 Texas Road

Zoo National $ A large zoo that has hippos, elephants, giraffes, and tigers, among owls, falcons, capybaras, and dingos. The 20-Arenzo ticket comes with a safari. 4000 Longhorn Street

LEGO store $$ A huge store filled with Legos, including a 1:29 scale model of Arenztopia. Kids will love this store; it contains nearly every Lego set in circulation and at 10:00 every 2nd Saturday of each month they auction off antique Lego pieces and sets. There is also a 10 foot by 10 foot tub filled with all the legos you could imagine. One of its main attractions is a mysterious, never-released 1,800,000 Arenzo Lego set from 1950. 2300 Arenztopia Boulevard

Olb City

Olb City is the second largest city in Arenztopia. It has become the technological, scientific, and financial center of Arenztopia since it was founded in 1687.


Xcar Tower Residences $$$ A very luxurious hotel. It is 78 stories tall, boasts 309 gigantic rooms including a full-story penthouse, and it is almost completely automated. You can press a button, and a robot will whiz to your 5-room, 1000 square foot suite carrying whatever you need. The hotel's plush velvet sofas, elegantly curving designs, and golden accents are plastered with the logo of Xcar, which runs the hotel. Of course, this luxury comes with a price tag, and in this case it is an astounding 10,000-20,000 Arenzos per night! 8900 4th Street

Manninghaw Residences $$ A more modest hotel than Xcar Tower Residences, but still high-end. Suites have 3 rooms, great room service, marble bathrooms, and comfortable beds. The average cost is 400-500 Arenzos per night for a great experience in a low-traffic zone. 6502 Kercher Lane

International City Residential Suites $$ A nice hotel with a very streamlined, modern feel. Close to all major landmarks. Unfortunately located in a very high-traffic zone, but shuttle is avaliable to all landmarks. Very good room service to a 2-room suite, with a reasonable cost of 200-400 Arenzos per night. 3407 Main Street


Sudenhak Arenztopian Cusine $ A very cozy resturaunt with a magnificent taste and traditional Arenztopian food at a low price. Their staples include fish soup, rice and beans, and traditional bread. 1201 Main Street

The Golden Spoon $$ Very good food. A large resturaunt with a modern interior. Close to all the major landmarks. A great place for a quick, elegant dinner that has a somewhat British taste. Their staples include fish-and-chips drizzled with 1999 red wine, chocolate ganache with white chocolate sauce and a strawberry, and meat pie. 6706 High Street

The Cheesehouse $$ A great resturaunt with spectacular food, a surprisingly good veiw, and kind, polite service. Staples include their Super Cheese Board, a big wooden plank with 55 different types of cheese for your sampling enjoyment, tomato soup with cheese crackers, and tacos with feta cheese and black-eyed peas. 7104 Aspenfield Boulevard

Things To do

Olb City Art Museum $ The biggest art museum in Arenztopia. Next door is the Olb City National Library, where millions of books and archives are kept. Has everything from paleolithic sculptures to abstract modern art. Constantly hosting special exhibits that are free of charge. The 10-Arenzo ticket provides a super low price to look at amazing sculptures and paintings in Arenztopia's biggest art museum. 3500 Kercher Lane

Villa Palenque $ Located in the heart of Olb City, the Villa Palenque is an immaculate example of an Arenztopian-Spanish style villa. A 2-Arenzo admission fee offers a self-guided tour of the entire villa, which has different artifacts from the Spanish rule of Arenztopia. 5403 AR-10

Olb Plaza $ Olb Plaza is at the center of Olb City. It is a very large, octagonal plaza which is ringed with shops and apartments. It is a common gathering place for locals. The plaza is pedestrian and bicycle-only, and there are no streets running adjacent to it, making it a good place to enjoy a peaceful stroll or a coffee. The shops around it are generally not expensive at all. Olb Plaza

Sanson Tower $$ The Sanson Tower is the tallest building in Olb City, at 98 stories. It features many shops and malls on the first seven floors. Surrounding it is a green area with trees and benches. 2030 Main Street

Anda Dam $ This dam blocks the Anda River and generates power for Olb City. It has a tour program where you can see the turbines and all the different parts of the dam. 3600 AR-10

Capitol $ This is the capitol building of the Old Region, and it has a lot of history. The building was originally built in 1550 as a government office, but it burned down in 1622. The lot stood empty until 1665, when it was rebuilt. The 1665 building burned down as well in 1770. In 1800, the building was rebuilt again, this time out of stone, and the building you see today is the 1800 building. It costs 4 Arenzos to go inside and see many historical artifacts that are on display, as well as climb the famously tall clock tower and dome. 2301 High Street

City Hall $ As its name suggests, this is the Olb City City Hall. It is a very unique building, with one side of its facade being modern-style (irregular windows, whitewash, etc.) and the other half being neoclassical-style. Inside, you can see many different artifacts from Olb City. The back of the large building offers views of Lake Oglethorpe. 6090 Aspenfield Boulevard

National Parks

Arenztopia has many national parks, national marine reserves, and national historical sites governed under the Arenztopia National Park Service (ANPS) and the Arenztopian Bureau of Conservation. They are a major tourist attraction in Arenztopia. Here are the top 7 ANPS attractions for tourists.

Tfziwrzmh National Park

Tfziwrmh National Park is the largest National Park in the ANPS. It covers the entire Mountain Region and the mountain range known as The Tfziwrzmh, or The Guardians in English.

There are Ranger Centers and Park Offices at Mount Bimazarii, Aurem Peak, Tritonaig Peak, Mount Tanzeuniak, Craland Meadow, Kinian Lake, Seiracosmo Meadow, Holamistera Lake, and Roesia Meadow. There are Wildlife Spotting Stations at each of these Ranger Stations and at Smithyorkinag Valley, Mount Nishforth, and Wyndmon Valley. Many tour guides offer tours of the park and there is also a dedicated community of guides that are ready to guide someone on a journey up one of the 1,836 named mountains and peaks of the mountain range.

The main road artery, Park Road 001, runs along the park and has other park roads sprouting from it. The park roads that are normally of interest to tourists are Park Road 021, which winds up the lower part of the park's highest mountain, Mount Tenephur; Park Road 061, which runs past the famous trio of mountains called the Rukranedia Trinity and then goes around the site of the famous Battle of Tfziwrzmh, fought at Cakittinanp Valley. The battlefield is considered one of the most senic spots in the park; and Park Road 091, which is a rugged road reaching deep into the mountains through the tundra and past many glaciers.

There are many wolves and hawks throughout the park, and you can spot them year-round at the Wildlife Spotting Stations. In the lakes, there are many fish, including trout, bass, salmon, and a unique freshwater pufferfish endemic to Baiai Lake, but only Saint Barthe Lake and Tufolk Lake are open to fishing.

There are multiple lodges and hotels throughout the park, with most of them being in the city of New Paris. The best hotel around the park but not in New Paris is the Mountain Wolf Lodge ($). The Mountain Wolf Lodge has great views over the mountain range and is very accessible from and to the entire park. Their average nightly rates go between 50$ and 200$. If you're looking for one that's in New Paris, the Grande Hotel ($$) is a great option. The Grande Hotel is a jewel of 1930s highway attractions. It has an acclaimed hot-off-the-grill complimentary breakfast service and all rooms have views over either the quaint skyline of New Paris, the mountain range, or spectacular and pristine New Paris Lake, or all three. Nightly rates average at about 150$ to 250$. If you happen to be looking for a more rugged residence, try the critically acclaimed Nlfmgzrm Ivzgivzg (English: “Mountain Retreat”)($), which is housed in a structure that was hewn right into the rock face. It has bare-rock floors and walls and coarse wooden beds, plus a fireplace in each room, but that's all. The complimentary breakfast consists of corn and grains with natural deer meat, which is what the earliest Tfziwrmh settlers ate 300 years ago. The hotel is located in a remote corner of the park above the treeline. Nightly rates range from 15$ to 50$.

There are many, many restauraunts throughout the park and in New Paris, but the best and most critically acclaimed one is in the heart of New Paris. The restauraunt is called Thander-Bronspri and Sons.($$) and is known for chickpea and haddock penne served sizzling and fresh on a skillet. It's one of the oldest restauraunts in Northeast Arenztopia, having been founded in 1706 during Philip V's rule by Eduardo Thander-Bronspri VI. The restauraunt also serves a variety of regional delicacies, such as roasted bear with fresh trout garnished with courgette, beetroot salad with elderflower dressing, or venison and mushroom risotto soaked in sweet corn juice. Another great restauraunt is Greenway Cooking New Paris ($$), which is a modern, chic eatery housed in a warehouse east of New Paris. It serves progressive, locally-inspired dishes like mushroom and rabbit fusilli in a pumpkin sauce with a hard-boiled egg on top, or avocado and wild carrot salad with caviar garnish. However, if you're looking for a cheaper option, you can try Skavadsmarle ($), which is a quaint, homey little café tucked into Greater Trailmire Valley. They have traditional, hearty foods such as venison and rye bread with onion stew, duck and acorn stew, or venison and potato skewers.

James O. National Park

James O. National Park is a medium-sized national park situated on the border between the National Forest and the Arenztopian Desert. Many endangered species reside within its borders. It's named after James O., a wealthy and influential Arenztopian senator.

There are Ranger Centers and Park Offices at the Al-Hyynb Dunes, Siverat Grove, East Hernandez River Crossing, West Hernandez River Crossing, Nollile Cabins, Caasen Oases Group, and Droutreanap Watering Hole. There are Wildlife Spotting Stations at each of these Ranger Centers and Park Offices except for the Al-Hyynb Dunes and West Hernandez River Crossing stations. Guides offer tours of both the forest and desert sections of the park.

The main road artery, Park Road 002, curves in an S shape through the middle of the park. This road provides great access to many of the best spots in the park, but more great options include Park Road 042, which follows Hernandez River across the park; Park Road 092, which comprehensively tours the desert section of the park; Park Road 102, which meanders around the foothills of the forest, and finally Park Road 082, which travels along the high ridge at the perimeter of the park, providing a great view of both the forest and the desert.

Rhinos and one-horned lions are frequently sighted throughout the desert section of the park, and herds of gazelle roam the grassland parts of the desert section. Many endangered species live in the forest section, including Arenztopian kestrels, the Kerns giant river toad, the Arenztopian white-horned deer, and many others. Arenztopian wombats live in the central area of the park. Many tour guides also offer bird-watching opportunities, and you can buy binoculars and bird-watching kits in the Park Store, which is located on the left right after you go into the park on Park Road 1002.

There are many oasis settlements throughout the desert section and also lots of lodges in the forest section. One of the best is Kirkpatrick, Soninap and Sons. ($), a small lodge established in 1842 with many cabins nestled in the shore of Lake Manninae. Their little restauraunt serves homey, warm food and bread, such as venison and wild potato sandwich garnished with pumpkin seed fresh and warm off the grill, wild boar and grilled onion salad with black eyed-beans, or wild turkey and basil stew with mustard plant garnished with lettuce. The cozy cabins have great access to the entire forest section of the park and are made of 500-year old birch trees. They are softly lit at night and come with full utilities (shower, toilet, electricity, water, etc.) and many cabins have a full fireplace. Nightly rates average about 10-15 dollars. A more classy option in the desert section is Ernoae and Co. ($$), which is located in Dar-Ocaared Oasis at the eastern part of the desert region of the park. It's an early 1900s brick structure with many elegant suites. Its restauraunt serves traditional but progressive food such as cactus leaf and grilled lizard tail stew, or date and palm sap salad garnished with oregano. Nightly rates in their hotel range from 30-50 dollars.

More restauraunts include Dregak ($$$), which is a chic, luxury restauraunt housed in a large former airplane hangar at the foot of one of the hills in the forest section. They're known for their dedacent bell pepper and roasted sparrow soup and their crunchy mushroom and chickpea salad. A great choice if you're in the desert section is Emionak, Desfri, and Wesnab ($$), a 1956 restauraunt that provides light, traditional foods such as crunchy grilled wild artichoke salad with yam dressing, or a banana (yes, banana) and sandhopper bird wrapped in traditional thin palm wheat bread. A more rugged option is the Dansatia Lodge & Restauraunt ($$), a new restauraunt established in 2018. They are housed in a large wood building nestled in the heart of the forest section. Some of their staples include wild perch and boar sandwiches, or chickpea and pheasant stew seasoned with black pepper and oregano.

Arenztopia Mountain National Park

Arenztopia Mountain National Park is a relatively small national park protecting Mount Arenztopia and the diverse species that live on and around it. It's barely a 25-minute drive from Olb City. Arenztopia Mountain is also sometimes referred to as Mount Arenztopia.

There are Ranger Centers and Park Offices at Asahl Peak, Vivoren Peak, the Summit, Kalkalakhl Ridge, Ross Forest, Epular Creek, and Waegufern Forest. There are Wildlife Spotting Centers at each of these Park Offices and Ranger Centers, and at Lokalak Forest.

The main road, Park Road 003, winds around the perimeter of the park and then spirals up to about the midsection of Arenztopia Mountain, before executing a sharp turn and looping back down the mountain. Other options include Park Road 023, which winds all the way up the mountain; Park Road 113, which does a full circuit around the mountain, and Park Road 133, which goes around the mountain and then meanders around the northeastern foothills of the park.

The foothills of Arenztopia Mountain are covered in grasslands and sparse forest, with several small ponds. In these habitats you can often sight deer, minnows, and a variety of birds, along with wild oxen. The middle reaches of the mountain become more forested and look more like a cloud forest. In these habitats you will spot a very diverse variety of species, including deer, birds, frogs, the occasional wayward tapir or leopard, and many vines, ferns, and trees. In the upper reaches of Arenztopia Mountain, the cloud forest gradually turns to rocks and snow: here, you will find birds, falcons, owls, evergreen trees, ferns, moss, and the occasional yak. The very top of the mountain is a desolate snow-covered rock plain. Yaks roam up here among sparse patches of moss. There have also been reports of a yeti.

There aren't many lodgings in the park, simply because the park is so small and because people usually stay in Olb City when they want to visit the park. However, one of the few lodgings in the park is Oskimal Igloo Retreat ($$), which encases you in a heated glass dome shaped like an igloo. The domes are located at 10,000 feet up on the mountain. They have full amenities such as a bed, a bathroom, and a couch, and all of this is available for only 100-150 dollars per night. If you want a cozier retreat, try Tokalmak Treehouses ($$), a series of small cabins nestled in the treetops of one of the groves of trees in the foothills. The small cabins have full heating, a large bathroom, an electric fireplace, and a twin-size bed. The log cabins are connected by rope bridges, and each one has a ladder down to the common area of the hotel. The common area is a large building located in the middle of the grove. It houses extra restrooms and the check-in and check-out lobbies. The main building also features a restauraunt that serves acclaimed traditional meals such as venison sandwiches, millet bread, and oxtail soup. Nightly rates range from 50-100 dollars per night, and the restauraunt is moderately expensive at about 5 or 10 dollars per dish.

Speaking of restauraunts, Arenztopia Mountian National Park does not have any sort of notable restauraunts except for the one at Tokalmak Treehouses, because of the same reasons that the National Park does not have many hotels: It's small and located close to Olb City.

Arenztopia Volcano National Park

Arenztopia Volcano National Park is a very small national park protecting the lava flows and ecosystems of the dormant Arenztopia Volcano. It is a 2-hour drive from New Athens, and a 3-hour drive from Hasiania.

There are Ranger Centers and Park Offices at Caldera Station, Darlong Cave, Guthenberg Lavaflow, Kaylon Lavaflow, and Scranbal Grove. There are three Wildlife Spotting Centers in the park, one at Foothill Base, one at Parklon Grove, and one at Larklan Grove.

The main road is Park Road 004. It winds around the mountain in a loose spiral. It is also the only paved road in the entire park; Park Roads 014 and 024 branch out from Park Road 004 and meander around the sparse foothills of the volcano. The upper regions of the volcano consist of lava flows and desolate gravel plains. You can apply for a permit, and then you can freely drive an off-road vehicle around select areas. So, there are not any roads in or above the 5,500 feet line.

Arenztopia Volcano is pockmarked by caves warmed by geothermal energy. These caves hold many rare and exotic species such as the Arenztopian Blind Cave Salamander, which is severely endangered and is only found on Arenztopia Volcano. The top of the volcano is extremely desolate, and there is a huge crater at the very top; it has filled up with water and is now a lake. The middle part of the volcano is grass and sparse groves of trees: These manage to suck enough nutrients from the old lava flows to cling to life. The bottom and foothills of the volcano are grasslands and large tree groves.

Arenztopia Volcano National Park has only one hotel, Lavaflow Inn ($$). It is an exceptional building built near a grove of trees at 2,500 feet. They have full amenities and an acclaimed kitchen. They're also located right next to Park Road 1004. Nightly rates range from 50-150 dollars, and there is a shuttle to and from the summit and the foothills.

There are no restaurants in Arenztopia Volcano National Park except for the kitchen at the Lavaflow Inn ($). Its staple dish is a lava cake, except made of a meatloaf and sauce.

Thunberg National Marine Reserve

Thunberg National Marine Reserve is named after Greta Thunberg, an environmental activist. It protects a large and diverse area of ocean. It is 275 miles in diameter and 250 miles out from the coast of Uivrmw. It is only accessible by boat and there are ten floating stations scattered throughout the reserve, along with five underwater bases.

There are Ranger Centers and Park Offices at each of the ten floating stations. There are Wildlife Spotting Centers at each of these stations, and also at each of the underwater bases.

The reserve doesn't have any roads, rather you can travel by boat through specialized boat lanes. (This is true for all of the national marine reserves.) The main boat lane, BL-001, travels north-south through the park from Southrim Station to Centerpoint Station, and then to Northrim Station. Other popular boat lanes include BL-021, which runs east-west, and BL-031, which runs around the border of the reserve.

The park encloses a small reef, which houses over 150 species of coral and 650 species of animals. There is also a nearby kelp forest, which houses a similar number of species of animals. The surrounding waters are teeming with life such as sea turtles, rays, huge amounts of fish, whales, and squid. The water ranks among some of the most blue and most clear waters in the entire Pacific Ocean.

There are no lodgings in Thunberg National Marine Reserve. People usually stay in one of the coastal towns nearest to the reserve, and then take a ferry out to the reserve for a day trip.

There are only three restaurants in Thunberg National Marine Reserve. The first one is at Centerpoint Station, and it is called the Centerpoint Chowder Shack ($$). It is known for its clam chowder and seafood salad. The second one is actually on a houseboat permanentely anchored off of Southwest Station. It is called the Houseboat Diner ($$), and its inside is furnished with authentic, chrome 1960s diner furniture. Its staple dish is fish and chips, and there is also a burger with a salmon patty. The final restaurant is located in one of the underwater bases, specifically the South-water Base. It is called the Thunberg Cafe, ($$$) and it has a magnificent view of a part of the reef, and it also has very gourmet food. Its staple food is marlin fillet with Worchestershire sauce.

Reef National Marine Reserve

Reef National Marine Reserve protects Arenztopia Reef, a coral reef located off the coast of the Coast Region. The main jumping-off spot for trips here is the coastal village of Hillsbury. It is 950 miles long and has twelve floating stations and four underwater bases scattered around it.

There are Ranger Centers and Park Offices at each of these floating stations and underwater bases. There are Wildlife Spotting Centers in the underwater bases and on the main floating station.

The reserve doesn't have any roads, it only has specialized boat lanes. The main boat lane is BL-002, and it goes straight down the middle of the park from the Westrim Station to the Eastrim Station. Other boat lanes of interest include BL-012, which winds around the border of the reserve; BL-042, which goes in a loose wave pattern east-west across the entire reserve; and BL-182, which goes in a loop out from Hillsbury and back.

The park's reef is an extremely diverse place, housing over 1,000 species of marine animal and 300 kinds of coral. The waters teem with beautiful tropical fish, whales, sea turtles, rays, and squid. It is considered one of the most beautiful spots in Arenztopia.

Much like Thunberg National Marine Reserve, Reef National Marine Reserve does not have any lodgings. People usually stay in Hillsbury or one of the other coastal villages and towns.

Unlike Thunberg National Marine Reserve, Reef National Marine Reserve does not have any restaurants.

Inca National Historical Site

Inca National Historical Site is a historical site covering an area of approxiamately a quarter of a square mile. It is located next to the Tortoise River on the outskirts of Olb City. The Historial Site is mainly centered around a huge plaza, with temples arrayed around it.

The southern part of the park is occupied by the visitor's center, the ticket booth, the restaurant, and the museum. The visitors center includes a gift shop, the help desk, bathrooms, and guides. The museum has many artifacts from the site arrayed with clear labels and descriptions. The admission fee is 4$, which includes the museum and an audio tour through the site.

The site contains five temples. The largest one is at the northern end and is dedicated to Pachamama, the goddess of earth. It is 125 feet in diameter and 200 feet tall. To the east is a smaller temple, which is dedicated to Viracocha, the creation god. It is now partially in ruins. To the west are three small temples dedicated to Inti (The god of the sun), Mama Quilla (The goddess of the moon), and Supay (The god of death). Inti's temple is completely in ruins. Mama Quilla's temple is complete. Supay's temple is partially in ruins.

Because of its small size and proximity to Olb City, Inca National Historical Site does not have any lodgings. People usually stay in Olb City or Natania City.

There is one restaurant at the site. It is called the Incan Cafe ($) and serves guava juice, mango smoothies, and dragonfruit. It also serves traditional Incan foods such as potatoes and corn tortillas.


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