Issue 31

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 4, Issue 1
March 7th-March 13th, 2021


Explosion at Cargo Port

By Tony Yuan

Tortoise River Freight Port-A huge explosion rocked the Tortoise River Freight Port on Tuesday. The Tortoise River Freight Port is a major port on the Tortoise River about 30 miles downstream from Olb City, at a place where the Tortoise River expands to 1000 feet. It is the output for most of the freight that is exported from Olb City. The explosion is estimated to have a blast force of 400 tons of TNT, and it destroyed ten containers and badly scorched a nearby cargo ship. The explosion killed one worker and injured two others, and it is estimated to have damaged or destroyed over 2 million Arenzos worth of cargo. Officials have quickly mobilized an investigation team. The cause of the explosion is still undetermined. We will be publishing updates as new facts emerge.


By Owen Miyazoi

New artist Raphael Porganaskan unveiled a debut sculpture on the one year anniversary of COVID this Thursday. It is a stylized, abstract representation of the now-iconic spiked-ball shape of the COVID virus particle. The work was praised by critics, wo called it a “beautiful representation of our world right now” and a “graceful, swooping tour de force.”


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Tuesday, the New Paris Parrots beat the Olb University Ostriches at a special soccer game with the end score being 6-2.


By Mezoir Logan

Mostly clear skies next week with a 12% chance of rain on Saturday and a cold front coming to north Arenztopia on Friday.

Coronavirus Report: Deaths are at zero!

By Owen Miyazoi

Cases have dropped even lower to 140, and deaths have dropped to ZERO for the first time since March 1st. Avac vaccination drives have increased greatly to over 500,000 people vaccinated this week. Pfizer vaccinations are at 5,500. All 5,500 Pfizer vaccinations are second shots, for a total of 523,575 fully vaccinated people. The Arenztopian Officer of Health, Dr. Johannes Peterson, says that the 20,000 doses of Moderna vaccine (see Issue 28) will be coming next week. Dr. Peterson has also said that a fresh shipment of 20,000 Pfizer vaccine doses will come next week as well, as the second replenishment shipment to Arenztopia. (The first one was delivered in secret to prevent theft.) These replenishment shipments are partially funded by the COVAX program.

Feature: Azaria Viotto

By Lorenzo Avila and Tony Yuan

Today we interviewed Azaria Viotto, an Italian-Arenztopian scientist working on many things COVID related. She is here to talk to us for our one year of COVID special feature.

Olb City Announcer: Hi Azaria! Can you tell us about your job?

Azaria Viotto: Yeah! My job is very simple: Just research COVID, find ways to prevent people from getting COVID, and to make the vaccine accesible.

OCA: Cool! How many vaccines are you hoping to distribute this year?

AV: Well, we are hoping to have distributed 2 million doses by June, and we're on course to accomplish that!

OCA: So I've also heard that you work as a doctor, can you tell us a bit about that?

AV: Yes, I do work as I doctor, I have a MD in Medicine from the University of Arenztopia at Arenztopia City. I work as a senior nurse at Olb City Central Hospital (OCCH). In the pandemic, I have been administering vaccine shots and working in the ICU, as well as managing the vaccine-distribution project at the OCCH.

OCA: That's really cool! Thank you so much for coming!

AV: Thank you for inviting me, ciao!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

AZ Scoops Sued for 180 Million Arenzos Update

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Monday, Kanlaln Narecaussus, the CEO of AZ Scoops, was convicted after his company lost the court case against Dripping Cone. The trial was presided by famous judge Marlo Minns. AZ Scoops presented their recipes, which looked markedly different from Dripping Cone's but were later revealed to be falsified. Dripping Cone presented security camera footage from one of their factories that showed an unidentified figure breaking into an office and stealing recipes. The figure was wearing an AZ Scoops badge. Kanlaln Narecaussus was sentenced to 25 years in jail for eight counts of stealing, six counts of fraud, three counts of participating in fraud, one count of breaking and entering, and five counts of lying before the court.

Building Catches Fire In Noi City Update

By Owen Miyazoi

The building that burned down, the CFP Building, has been completely demolished and scrapped after a langthy forensic investigation which concluded on Wednesday. Two large sheets of metal will be saved for a temporary monument on the empty lot. Five more people have died of their injuries since the building was destroyed, includng two firefighters. The cause of the fire was discovered to be a faulty fusebox on the roof, and the owners of the building have been fined 11,000 Arenzos. Other than that, the Noi City government has compensated all costs to victims’ families and to the owners of the building.

Prominent COVID Researcher Visits

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Since there are two updates this week, we are publishing two bonus stories to make up for the spaces taken up by the updates.

Dr. Sacul Jandrankenscar visited Olb University on Wednesday and gave a virtual talk to over 40,000 people about COVID. Dr. Jandrankenscar is a famous researcher who is an integral part of the Arenztopian COVID-19 Response Team. He talked about the risks of COVID, how to prevent COVID, and information about the Avac, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines.

New Spacecraft Launched

By Owen Miyazoi

Since there are two updates this week, we are publishing two bonus stories to make up for the spaces taken up by the updates.

The ambitious new space company Espacer launched a new spacecraft in collaboration with the ASA. The spacecraft is a probe with many different instruments, and it will enter into orbit around the moon next month. It is named the SCAIMP-1, which stands for Semi-Commercial Advanced-Instrument Moon Probe 1. SCAIMP-1 is the first moon probe ever launched by Arenztopia. Espacer is aiming for another launch in September.


By Lorenzo Avila

Spring Break: A short poem.

Spring break!
It is here!


By Owen Miyazoi

The famous chef Aldo Mottosi died at the age of 88 on Friday. He ran the Italian restaraunt La Cucina Mottosi for fifty years. Mr. Mottosi was known for his stout stature, excellent food, and kind demeanor. He willed over 65% of his life's savings to various charities, a total sum of almost exactly 1 million dollars. To show sympathy, call his business memorial hotline at 1-750-339-8761, or call his home memorial hotline at 680-221-8796.