Issue 7

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 1, Issue 7 September 20-September 26, 2020


We temporarily shut down in April because one of our lead reporters caught COVID-19 and spread it to some other staff. We mourn the loss of Jake Deshinizin, who was our Chief of Printing.

Giant Meteor Seen Over Olb City

by Tony Yuan

Lower West Quarter-A huge meteor, dubbed HIO-20201862DDES, was seen streaking through the air in the evening on Tuesday. HIO-20201862DDES was detected by the Arenztopian satellite known as HIO. It came from the Oort Cloud and was observed in one part of its 1,534,702-year orbit, but a mysterious gravitational disruption caused it to veer onto a collision course with Earth. The meteor was estimated to be about 100 meters in diameter. It broke up in the atmosphere and several chunks caused minor damage to homes and cars. The ASA is currently studying the rock for any precious metals or signs of extraterrestrial life. One piece is to be displayed at the seasonal exhibition “Rocks of the Cosmos: A journey through the amazing world of space rocks” in 2021 at the Olb City Natural History Museum.


by Guest Author Lorenzo Sebastian Javier Avila, King of Arenztopia

Two robbers stole a priceless Rembrandt painting, dated 1644, among other valuable treasures from the Arenztopian Royal Treasury on Monday. Top detectives are on the case but no suspects have been found. The Royal Treasury is under high alert and all major police departments are also on high alert. We will have an update next week.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Thursday, the University of Arenztopia at Natania City announced that it would be opening its stadium, Brookers Field, and it would have a football game against the New Paris Panthers. On Friday, the night of the game, Brookers Field was packed with adoring fans. The Natania City Narwhals won 15-14, but over 30 people contracted the coronavirus as a result of going to the game. The University quickly closed Brookers Field and paid compensation to the families of the people who contracted COVID-19.

Also, on Tuesday, the final game of the Arenztopian Chanlania-Hasiania National Baseball Tournament happened, with the Hasianian Hornets beating the Chanlanian Chamaleons 4-6 to win the tournament.


by Mezoir Logan

In an unusual case, a tropical storm dubbed Tropical Storm Sophia is brewing about 120 miles off the coast of Olb City. Light rainfall may come by Sunday, and the bulk of the storm will come by next week.

SEYR Foods, Inc goes bankrupt

by Owen Miyazoi

SEYR Foods, Inc, one of the largest food distributors in Arenztopia, filed for level 5 bankruptcy on Tuesday as a result of the pandemic. SEYR Foods, Inc, the food subsidary of the Argen Group, distributed 50% of the food from Nutrifood Farms last year. However, in light of the worsening pandemic, it declared a temporary shutdown last month in order to regroup its stocks and reorganize its employees. After going back on the market two weeks ago, its stocks fell another 1000 dollars, and it withdrew from the market and declared bankruptcy. The Argen Group issued a press release on Friday stating that it had received 100 million Arenzos collectively from a range of companies and funds, including Nutrifood Farms, and that it would be using this money to restart SEYR Foods and bring it back onto the market. The Argen Group also said that it would be open to receiving money until December 20th.

Ultra-tall Skyscraper Announced

by Owen Miyazoi

On Wednesday, realty giant Grottson, Tyler, and Co. announced that it would be buying a plot of land in the center of Olb City for 5 million Arenzos. It also said that it was looking for contractors to build a skyscraper on the plot with 100 floors, just overtaking the new, 96-story Sanson Tower as the tallest building in Olb City.

New Monument Dedicated

by Sam-Louis Alroacaet

On Monday, the Olb City Monument Commission dedicated a new monument to the people in Olb City who have lost their lives as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The monument, which is a large, monolithic black rock building with the names of the coronavirus victims carved into its inside walls, is located next to the town cemetery in its own plaza. The plaza, which is circular, contains a tile path, bushes, and several benches. The monument is situated at the back of the plaza. It was christened the Ronasek Monument.

Fire erupts near City Hall

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Monday, a large fire erupted in an apartment building near City Hall. Firefighters rushed to the scene and evacuated the building. Two people were hospitalized and three more people were also injured. The flames also spread to a neighboring dorm complex serving the University of Olb City and one person was hospitalized and two others were injured there. Nobody was killed. The northern wall of City Hall was slightly singed, and was repaired on Tuesday. The two buildings are currently being assessed for any structural weaknesses before repairs or destruction begins.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

Cases are leveling out at about 1,550 and deaths are very slowly decreasing at 230 deaths, down from 225 in late August. Mayor Tony Yuan has approved 10 million Arenzos to increase testing and to provide coronavirus relief. He also donated another 5 million Arenzos to the WHO.


by Tony Yuan


Millions of dollars
in an effort to quench the

Great White Shark Dies at Olb City Aquarium

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Wednesday, a beloved great white shark was found dead at the Olb City Aquarium. The shark, whose name was Bertha, was 23 years old. Bertha was stuffed and she is in storage at the Olb City Institute of Oceanology. Bertha is scheduled to go on display at the Olb City Natural History Museum in early 2021.

Feature: Anthony Threshdam

by Owen Miyazoi

The Announcer interviewed Anthony Threshdam, an Olb City-based engineer who invented a cheap and efficient ventilator that is saving lives across Arenztopia.

Olb City Announcer: So what got you going on this idea?

Anthony Threshdam: Well, I saw that most ventilators were extremely expensive and needlessly complicated, so I thought, “Well, why don't I invent a ventilator myself?” And I started tinkering with some machine parts that I had lying around.

OCA: Can you explain, basically, how your ventilator works?

AT: So basically, it has this little electrical motor, which drives this tiny piston, which pushes down on a bag of air and pushes air into a hose, which goes into the patient's lungs. So it's really very quite simple.

OCA: Are you proud of your invention saving lives?

TA: Yes, I certainly am. I get about a trillion e-mails every day from people who are thanking me for saving one of their family members. But it's not me they should credit, it's those people who agreed to bravely market and produce my idea. Without them, my idea wouldn't have gotten off the ground.

OCA: When did you come up with this idea and when did the ventilator start being produced?

TA: I came up with this idea about five months ago, and it started to be produced about four months ago. So, that was a pretty busy month. We got our first order, like, half a month after it started production, and the next order came a week after, then a couple days after that we started getting orders, like, every two hours.

OCA: Why is the ventilator so cheap?

TA: Well, all the parts are made of plastic, and it's really simple, and really light.

OCA: Well, that looks like all the questions we have for you right now, so bye!

TA: Bye, and thanks for having me!

This interview was slightly edited for length and clarity.

The Olb City Announcer: SPECIAL EDITION

Volume 1, Issue 7 and 1/2 September 23


Arenztopia Mountain is the home to a top security prison, but 2 robbers have broken out. They are alive and are hunting down targets. A few people have been put under witness protection. One, named Bob Richy, commented “I am not scared for me, I am scared for my family.” Top detectives are on the case. Some think they are the same robbers that stole a priceless painting from the Arenztopia Treasury See Olb City Announcer Issue 7, Arts section. President LSJA says: “We will find them, we are safe, stay calm.”

↓↓↓NEW! Arenzish edition↓↓↓


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