Issue 8

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 1, Issue 8
September 27th-October 3rd, 2020

Lost City Found

by Tony Yuan

Foginhaus Lake-A major scientific discovery was made on Monday when a construction crew building a new resort on the shores of Foginhaus Lake discovered an ancient Incan city. The city was encased in 15 feet of volcanic ash when Sefifad Hill, a now-extinct volcano near the site, erupted sometime around 1483. Experts predict that the ancient metropolis extends for more than a mile inland. Using SONAR, multiple temples, houses, and part of a palace have been identified. Archaeological teams have already excavated over 1,500 square meters of the city and found two human skeletons. “This was like an Incan Pompeii”, John Masicim, who is the Chair of the Department of Archaeology at Olb City University, said. “We might be on the brink of a major scientific discovery that will change our understanding of the Arenztopian Incans forever.”

Autumn Starts

by Lorenzo Avila

With Autumn brings cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and of course most importantly HALLOWEEN!!! CANDY, COSTUMES, PUMPKINS. OH NO. Covid… But don't worry it may not be the same but we can still have fun. We can still have costumes, we can hold family parties, and we can still eat so much candy. So don't be sad, be excited. IT'S HALLOWEEN!!!


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The virtual kickoff of the Arenztopian Cycling Grand Tournament happened on Wednesday, with the Canopian Capybaras facing off against the Arenztopia City Albatrosses, with the Canopian Capybaras winning by just 2.5 seconds.


by Owen Miyazoi

On Monday, the OCPD found the robbers that stole a Rembrandt painting, among other treasures, from the Arenztopian Royal Treasury. The OCPD has released nothing besides two pictures of the culprits. All stolen items were returned to the Treasury. Art enthusiasts across the country are overjoyed.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

Official government sources say 1,532 cases with 224 deaths. After the Brookers Field Incident featured in Issue 7, the government strictly closed down all sporting venues, except for virtual events.

Feature: Dr. Sanda Cassinoni

by Tony Yuan

We interviewed Dr. Sanda Cassinoni, a researcher from OCU who created a new variant of wheat, called Wheat-X, that is extremely weather-tolerant and nutritious.

Olb City Announcer: Could you give us an overview of the development process of Wheat-X?

Sanda Cassinoni: Sure! So at first, I was experimenting with hybrid wheats, but then I realized that the better solution was to genetically modify the wheat. I tinkered with all the parts of the DNA, and, as me and my colleagues found how to produce better and better traits, we combined them every few months, and then combined those, and the final product was Wheat-X. The first batch of Wheat-X cost two hundred thousand dollars. The second batch cost ten cents.

OCA: What traits make Wheat-X so resilient?

SC: For the most part, the weather-tolerance is caused by two proteins, EVF-6678, and HDG-4090. They pretty much tell the cells to produce more of a chemical that fortifies the wheat’s stalk and also makes the wheat grow deeper roots, which anchors the wheat to the ground better. The nutrition is caused by about a thousand proteins working together.

OCA: Which applications is Wheat-X being used in right now?

SC: So we have a foundation called the Wheat-X Foundation, and from that we have multiple programs in Africa, India, and Indonesia.

OCA: When did Wheat-X start being produced?

SC: So it took about 5 years to develop, and then we found a company willing to grow and market it, and that was about in 2016.

OCA: That’s pretty much all! Thanks for coming!

SC: Thanks for inviting me!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

New Transit Plan Announced

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Thursday, the Olb City Department of Transportation announced a new transit plan which includes a major extension of the Olb City subway system, and the building of a new system of elevated monorails around the Olb City International Airport. With the population of Olb City approaching 1.75 million, these improvements will carry another 100,000 people daily in downtown Olb City.

Iremdor Partners With Olb City

By Erhari Dessad, Assistant Domestic Ambassador of Iremdor

The city-state of Iremdor announced on Wednesday that it would become a “partner” to Olb City. In a statement, Iremdor said that it would provide funds for civil projects, assist in military campaigns, and suggest new ideas to the government. The Mayor of Olb City, Tony Yuan, agreed and signed the document.


by Tony Yuan

Orderly days; proceeding in unison
In the house, trapped


by Owen Miyazoi

On Tuesday, Dr. Sayon Ferguson, an influential surgeon, died of natural causes in his sleep. He was 76 years old. Dr. Ferguson pioneered many novel practices in his years as a surgeon. To show sympathy, call Mrs. Ferguson at 680-223-3329.