Issue 26

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 3, Issue 6
January 31st-February 6th, 2021

Mysterious new movie being filmed

By Tony Yuan

Natania City-Reports say that a mysterious new movie is being filmed in Natania City. When our reporters tried to visit the set, they were turned away. This movie has been shrouded in mystery since rumors got out of its development in July. There is almost nothing known about it, although most people agree that it is being produced by Naigon and Sons. Studios, a studio company based in Noi City. It is also agreed that the popular actor Ellidy J. is going to act in it. Other than that, nothing is agreed upon.


By Owen Miyazoi

The established contemporary artist Thankkar Manaskar-Porganathan scored yet another artwork inside the ACAM. The piece, called “Capitalism”, depicts a shredded-up American 100$ bill that has been rearranged into a self-portrait.


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Wednesday, the Olb City Ocelots faced off agains the Sherville Sharks in the epic last game of the 2021 Arenztopian Professional Bobsledding Season. The race was extremely close, with the Sherville Sharks losing to the Ocelots by only about 0.163 seconds. The Sherville Sharks are widely considered one of the best bobsledding teams in Arenztopia, but they were perhaps overconfident after their series of wins throughout the tournament.


By Mezoir Logan

The average temperature next week should be a chilly -4 degrees celsius.

Coronavirus Report

By Owen Miyazoi

250 more people have gotten Avac and 400 people have gotten the Pfizer vaccine, according to reports. Cases are at 388 and deaths are at 11.

Feature: Domo Lexington

By Tony Yuan and Lorenzo Avila

Today we interviewed Domo Lexington, a famous chef working in Arenztopia City. He owns a famous restaurant there that is known for its many variations on popular dishes.

Olb City Announcer: Could you just breifly describe your restaurant?

Domo Lexington: So it's called the Lucio, after the first Doge of Venice. It's housed in an old, historic 1900 building but it features all the latest design trends inside. We use only the finest ingredients, and we cook our dishes using traditional methods.

OCA: What are some of your favorite dishes on the menu?

DL: I personally like the clam chowder with salmon steak chunks, and I also enjoy the shrimp salad with broccoli. Our most popular dish is the Chicago-style deep dish pizza with salmon, tuna, mac & cheese, and ham sausage.

OCA: That sounds delicious! What are some of the methods that you use to create your food?

DL: We have all kinds of things in the kitchen. We have two pizza ovens, one tandoori oven, three conventional ovens, a gas stove, an electric stove, and an open fire. We also have two fireplaces, one with a spit over it and one with a cauldron.

OCA: Well, that's all the questions we have today! Thanks for coming!

DL: Thank you for inviting me!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Car Crash Follow-Up

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

This is a follow-up story to the cover story of Issue 25. It contains new facts and details.

After the investigation ended on Wednesday, authorities compensated families with 750,000 Arenzos each. The driver of the second semi truck has died. Foul play has been ruled out, and the sedan was revealed to be a valuable, brand-new AEV Bravery. AEV Braverys are some of the most expensive yet normal-looking sedans on the road today. They can fetch prices of up to 700,000 Arenzos, and authorities have compensated that money. The names of the people killed in the crash have not been revealed.

Mayor's Birthday Celebration Leaked

By Owen Miyazoi

The Mayor of Olb City, Tony Yuan, has a birthday this month. According to leaked plans, the birthday celebration is to involve 500 fireworks, a 1 1/2 foot diameter cake, and a private party with many influential officials.

Poetry: Cake!

By Lorenzo Avila


we all love them
mayor's bday is soon
500 fireworks
and cake
we all love cake
now I want cake
where is the nearest cake shop?
I have to stop writing now. I am getting cake.


By Owen Miyazoi

Beloved former mayor Warilam Nansocal died on Tuesday. She was 97. Mrs. Nansocal was instrumental in promoting the growth of Olb City to the borders of Natania City, and she also helped create Olb University. You can visit her memorial at