Issue 25

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 3, Issue 5
January 24th-January 30th, 2021

Fatal Car Crash

By Tony Yuan

AR-10-On Tuesday, a fatal car crash occured on AR-10, which involved two semi trucks and a sedan, and killed 3 people. According to footage, one of the semi trucks seems to have accidentally swerved into the wrong lane, but when the driver realized the mistake, he tried to swerve into the lane that he was in before. The semi truck ran over a sedan that was in its path, and another semi truck was hit by the first semi truck's trailer as it fell over. After the first semi truck hit the sedan, it flipped over and burst into flames, revealing the crushed sedan. The sedan exploded as well a couple of minutes later, and the explosion flung it into a ditch in the side of the road. The second semi truck flipped over and was partially crushed.

The sedan after the car crash.

The sedan after the crash.

After searching for survivors and putting out the fires, authorities roped off the area for an official investigation. The two people in the sedan died, as well as the driver of the first semi truck. The driver of the second semi truck is in critical condition and in delerium. We'll be publishing updates as new facts emerge.


By Owen Miyazoi

A new art installation was unveiled at the OCAM on Wednesday. Titled “Life”, the sculpture is by renowned local artist Moe Kinakshi. It is a series of organic forms painted with bright splotches of color.


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The bobsledding season continues as the Sherville Sharks soundly beat the Hasiania Hawks to advance to the final round against the Olb City Ocelots.


By Mezoir Logan

Temperatures should be a little higher than 4 degrees next week, with a low of -7 degrees.

Coronavirus Report

By Owen Miyazoi

Cases have dropped below 400 for the first time since early April, according to authorities. “At 397 cases and 14 deaths, this pandemic seems to be giving up now,” says the Arenztopian Officer of Health, Dr. Johannes Peterson. 275 more people have gotten Avac, and another 500 people have gotten the Pfizer vaccine.

Feature: Chris Sanders

By Tony Yuan

We interveiwed Chris Sanders, a famous author and poet who recently released a book of poems.

Olb City Announcer: What are your poems and writings usually about?

Chris Sanders: So my poems, they're easy to read and they deal with real events that are happening right now. I know that people are sometimes turned away by the philosophical poems that they usually see, so I want to make poetry that is at once beautiful and accessible. As for my writing, whenever I see something interesting, I write about it.

OCA: Can you tell us about your new book?

CS: Sure! So it's titled “Chasing Dreams”, and it's just a collection of my poems about dreams and what I think dreams mean.

OCA: That sounds interesting! Can you give us an excerpt of one of the poems in the book?

CS: (laughs) I don't actually remember any of the poems in there, I'm so sorry. (laughs)

OCA: It's alright, everybody is forgetful sometimes. Anyway, those are the questions that we have for you today, and thank you for coming!

CS: Thanks for inviting me!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

New entertainment complex planned

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The entertainment company Arenztopia Eat-And-Play LLC announced a new entertainment center in East Olb City. It will be a 5-acre plot with a laser tag arena, movie theater, bowling alley, indoor go-kart track, full arcade, pizza buffet, 20-hole mini golf course, and more. It will be Eat-And-Play's largest complex yet, with a projected cost of over 15 million dollars.

By Owen Miyazoi

The popular store DreamBooks, located at the Three Pines Mall, announced a massive sale on Wednesday. The store announced that all books would be 75% off amid rumors that it would be closing and moving to the more lucrative North Main shopping complex.


By Lorenzo Avila

Devastating crash
3 dead
families and friends grieving
honor them
remember them
mourn for them
be there for the families


By Owen Miyazoi

Psychologist and community leader Steven Gerbanough died at the age of 88 on Wednesday. He made several breakthroughs in psychology and was a vocal and instrumental advocate for the expansion of the Psychology department of Arenztopia University at Olb City.