Issue 20

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 2, Issue 10
December 20th-December 26th, 2020

Election Results Announced

by Tony Yuan

On Sunday, the results of the 2020-2021 Arenztopian Elections were announced. The position of Vice President was given to Tony Yuan, while the Mayor position was won by Ellidy J. Claire P. won a third term as Advisor, and the senators are James O., Charlotte H, and Michael A. Cheif Judge is Kassie K., and there will be a runoff for the other judges next month. “I'm really happy with who our citizens have voted for,” says Laura Vercal, a politics expert at Olb University. “I think these choices are suitable for representing our country.”


by Owen Miyazoi

Famous street artist Kahn Cankam, who is originally of American descent, rolled his newest art piece into the middle of Olb Plaza during the dead of night on Tuesday. The sculpture is a huge wooden horse covered in colorful geometric patterns. Titled “Trojan Horse,” the new installation caused a sensation when everybody woke up on Wednesday. “I was actually quite shocked,” says Mercine Darasen, a citizen. “I mean, I wake up and there's this huge colorful horse staring at me through my window.”


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The National Arenztopian Mountaineering Tournament (NAMT) finished on Wednesday when the Arenztopia City Alpacas beat the Canopian Cheetahs in just about every part of the game. The only award that the Cheetahs won was the Best Costume award. “How the Cheetahs actually got to the top of the tournament, I'll never understand,” says Pat Green, the presiding judge of the NAMT.


by Mezoir Logan

Tropical Storm Vonso touched land on Wednesday after briefly strengthening to a Category 1 Hurricane on Tuesday. Arville was hit first and reported stong winds of up to 79 mph and heavy rain, but no casualities and only minor damage such as branches breaking off and shingles blowing away. In other news, temperatures have fallen to -2 and -3 degrees, and meteorologists predict that Tropical Storm Vonso might actually bring ice, hail, snow and sleet instead of rain.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

As cases steadily drop to just under 625, over 200 medical doctors and front-line staff have been given the new Arenztopian COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been nicknamed Avac. If you're wanting more exact numbers, cases are at 623 and deaths are at 29.

The Political Politician: Not The Final Issue Yet!

by Tony Yuan

The main elections are over with the announcements of the results on Sunday, but we'll take a pause and then continue reporting when the runoffs for the judges start.

Feature: Kahn Cankam

By Tony Yuan

We interviewed Kahn Cankam, a popular and famous street artist, about his new artwork, Trojan Horse.

Olb City Announcer: So what was the inspiration for Trojan Horse?

Kahn Cankam: I'm inspired a lot by Bansky, the English street artist, and he did some stuff where he had classical-looking busts but he made them look “glitchy." So I was inspired by that and decided to make a classical thing look very modernized.

OCA: How did you make this artwork, and how did you get it into Olb Plaza without anybody noticing?

KC: So I set up a large workshop and started building a big horse out of wood, and after I was done with that I set up some crude scaffolding around it and started painting. I worked on it for, I don't know, maybe five months. As for how I got it into the plaza, I'm not gonna say.

OCA: What does this sculpture represent?

KC: That's kind of a difficult question; I don't think it really strictly means anything. I guess the geometric patterns are representing the chaos and craziness that's happening over in America during the pandemic, and as for the horse shape, I don't know.

OCA: Well, that's all for today, and thanks for coming!

KC: Thank you for inviting me! I hope you have a nice day!

Students in jet boat crash acquitted

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

This is a follow-up story to one of last week's stories. Most of the students involved in the catastrophic jet boat crash last Wednesday were acquitted of any crime when an investigation found that their supervising professor had been mostly responsible for creating the faulty jet engines that led to the crash. He was fired and sentenced to 1 year in jail; several, but not all, of the students were sentenced to one month or less in jail for their roles in developing other elements of the faulty jet engines.

Worheisinger & Sons goes bankrupt

by Owen Miyazoi

Worheisinger & Sons, a gourmet sandwich company based in Olb City, declared themselves bankrupt after sales dropped by nearly 60% in the pandemic. Stores were seen being boarded up en masse around the country, and the CEO, Searvan Worheisinger, said that “we will likely never recover from the pandemic.”


by Tony Yuan


Oh, a sandwich
Such a simple thing
But at once versatile and beautiful
in taste;


by Owen Miyazoi

The guy in the famous Worsham Hand Soap commercial has died at the age of 88, Worsham announced. The man's name has not been released. The famous commercial aired from 1980 all the way up to 2013, and was viewed over half a billion times.