Issue 19

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 2, Issue 19
December 13th-December 19th, 2020

Japenese Military Bunker Found

by Tony Yuan

Bull Horn Oasis-On Monday, gold miners digging in the Arenztopian Desert hit a strong and suspisciously flat rock. After 2 days of digging they found a bunker marked with the Japanese flag. Scientists and historians believe that this bunker was built during WW2 to combat the American soldiers who had used Arenztopia as a US base. During WW2, the Japanese breifly captured this area of the Arenztopian Desert but were only defeated after they had built several bunkers like this one. This find is especially significant because this is the largest Japanese bunker ever found in Arenztopia. Scientists believe that the bunker was abandoned by the Japanese in early 1945 after an air strike; there is a large hole in the top of the bunker, with two skeletons around it. The bunker contains several rooms, including a medical bay, a common area, beds for 15 soldiers, a mess hall, and more. The bunker also contains dozens of crates of nearly pristine Japanese WW2 artifacts, including a crate full of extremely rare Japanese grenades. “This is a very exciting find”, says George Danska, the director of the Arenztopia WWII Historical Society. “The finds in this bunker could help revolutionize our understanding of the Japanese in Arenztopia during WW2.” Some people say that the artifacts should be preserved and the bunker turned into a museum; others say that the artifacts should be shipped off to historians and scientists.


by Owen Miyazoi

The famous artist Diego Nahum, who was known for his abstract paintings, died of cancer on Tuesday. He was 68. He had amassed a gigantic fortune of 140 million Arenzos through the sale of his artwork, and this money will be completely donated to cancer research. His wife also passed away of a heart attack less than a day after his death.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Wednesday, the Arenztopian National Hockey Team went up against the Canadian national team. The Arenztopian Team won and will go up against the Swedish national team next. The weather has started getting slightly warmer, so a special celebrity soccer game will take place on January 25th.


by Mezoir Logan

A tropical storm named Vonso has started moving towards Arenztopia from the East. Meteorologists believe the worst of the storm will be in Arenztopia on Friday next week. Tropical Storm Vonso will probably be gone by 2021. The weather is getting warmer with the morning temperature on Monday being 50 degrees celsius.

Coronavirus Report (Special: Vaccine!)

by Owen Miyazoi

Arenztopian doctors have developed a vaccine which is very different than the one used in the US. The vaccine is 1 dose and takes action within 12 hours. The vaccine will temporarily only be available to frontline workers, people who are older than 65, and people with critical diseases. The vaccine will be open to the general public on Feburary 1st.

The Political Politician

by Tony Yuan

The race is getting heated as all the candidates gain votes quicker than anybody can count. We still don't have exact poll or election numbers because of the sudden technological failure mentioned in the last issue.

Feature: Terry Chan

By Tony Yuan

We interviewed Terry Chan, a Cambodian refugee who now runs the largest donut business in Olb City, PX Donuts.

Olb City Announcer: How did you get started in the donut business?

Terry Chan: Well, so I was fleeing from Cambodia in 1971 during the war there, and I had no work, right? So I was looking around for work, and I saw this donut shop, and it was absolutely crazy, like 24/7 there were at least 15 people in line, all day and night. So I went and asked how much it cost to run a donut shop, and the nice lady at the counter told me that it was between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars, and I was like, ok, that's pretty cheap, because coming from Cambodia I had 4,000 dollars. So I went and opened my own donut shop, down on 5th street, and it just totally took off, like I was selling 4,000 dollars of donuts per month. So I got rich in no time, and opened another shop, and another, and another, and now it's the biggest donut company in Olb City.

OCA: What was your life in Cambodia like?

TC: Well, I was a lawyer, one of the best jobs in Cambodia at the time, and then the war started, and once the Khmer Rouge conquered more than a third of the country, I detected that it would be difficult to get away from Cambodia if I left any later, and besides, nobody wants to be trapped in the middle of a war. So I boarded a plane with my wife and son and left.

OCA: How did you build your donut empire?

TC: Well, I think it was all very hard work. My wife worked the counter, me and my son made the donuts and did all the financial stuff, and we worked that hard, taking orders 24/7, and we never got more than three hours of sleep every night. And to make matters even worse, we didn't speak a scrap of English at the time.

OCA: Well, that's all the questions that we have today, and thanks for coming!

TC: Thank you for inviting me!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Experimental jet boat crashes

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

A new, experimental jet boat crashed spectacularily on Lake Oglethorpe on Wednesday. The jet boat was a project that was being developed by students at Olb University with the permission of their professor. It was going for its first test run, but the jet engines turned out to be more powerful than predicted and launched the entire boat into the air, effectively rendering it a plane. The boat whizzed around in the sky above Lake Oglethorpe before crashing into the shore and bursting into flames. The pilot, a 19-year-old named John Servelt, suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. Doctors say that he is in a stable condition. “It's a miracle that nobody died during that test run,” says Humboldt Retuson, one of the students involved in the development of the jet boat. The professor quickly shut down the project after the crash and the fifteen students responsible for developing the boat are expected to go to court next week.

Fatal train crash occurs

by Owen Miyazoi

The Arctic Wolf, a high-speed passenger train that goes through Olb City, derailed and crashed into several pedestrians on Monday. Eyewitnesses describe the train as suddenly swerving off of the elevated track and falling onto an intersection below, where it crushed two cars and hit five pedestrians before flipping over and shutting down. Three out of five of the pedestrians have died, while two people who were in cars have also died. The train, fortunately, was empty, but the driver suffered major injuries and is still in an unstable condition. The intersection was roped off and the wreckage of the train and cars has been removed, although the elevated track is still undergoing repairs. The driver is named George Dermak and his record is spotless. “The train was cruising along fine and then it simply swerved and fell off of the track”, Mr. Dermak says.


by Lorenzo Avila

Ode to Diego Nahum

brave and true
Happy and loving
he is gone
he was Diego


by Owen Miyazoi

Beloved local actor Worna Gorhe died of old age at the age of 98 on Tuesday. Mrs. Gorhe was renowned around Arenztopia for being one of the most popular film actors from 1940 to 1987. She was also famous for her beautiful voice, which starred in many radio plays and musicals. To show sympathy, call 680-551-2290 or go to her website at