Issue 44




The Olb City Announcer

Volume 5, Issue 4
June 6th-June 12th, 2021

Giant Flood Occurs

By Tony Yuan

Hasiania-On Friday, the city of Hasiania was devastated by a large flood occurring from a combination of heavier-than-usual rain and the seasonal flooding of the Jubilant River, a tributary of the Arenztopia River. “The Jubilant River usually floods much less than this,” says Gary Unhardt, a local weatherman. “Usually it floods only about half a mile inland, but this time it's flooded half a dozen miles inland.” Downtown Hasiania has been completely flooded to a height of three and a half feet, and over three dozen people have been reported dead and another hundred and fifty or so are missing. “There's never been anything like this in the entire history of Hasiania, ever,” says Joe Regal, a local data analyst. Help has come to Hasiania from all sides of Arenztopia: The ALERT (Arenztopia nationaL Emergency Response Team) has sent 500 people and 250 search-and-rescue boats to Hasiania, and the Arenztopian Coast Guard has sent several helicopters and 100 search-and-rescue boats to scour the city. This is still a developing story; we'll publish updates in next week's paper as new facts emerge.

The flooding on Main Street in Hasiania
The flooding on Main Street


by Owen Miyazoi

On Tuesday, one of celebrated Arenztopian painter Priscilla Selan's paintings was turned into an NFT (Nonfungible token) as a publicity stunt. NFTs are digital things like images, videos, and tweets that are all individually unique and owned by one person, like a trading card: If you trade a Babe Ruth baseball card for another Babe Ruth baseball card, then the baseball card that you have now will not be the same as the first one, just like if you trade an NFT of a picture of a cat eating a pizza for another NFT of a picture of a cat eating a pizza, you will have a different NFT as the first one. Priscilla's NFT painting was actually specially created for the occasion. Titled “Internet,” it is an ultra-realistic painting of a really fat cat eating a pizza, and it sold for 1.5 million Arenzos on Wednesday to an anonymous buyer.


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet


By Owen Miyazoi


By Mezoir Logan

Coronavirus Report

By Owen Miyazoi

Feature: Okama Mauhla

By Lorenzo Avila & Tony Yuan

Today we interviewed Okama Mauhla, a

Olb City Announcer: Hi, Okama!

Okama Mauhla:







This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

The Life of Iloah Mai, Arenztopia's Most Successful Pacific Islander Business Owner

By Lorenzo Avila and Tony Yuan

For the next 6 issues up until our 50th issue, the OCA will take you on a immersive experience of important cultural and racial moments and stories from Arenztopians past who helped Arenztopia be what it is today. Our first story is about Iloah Mai, Arenztopia's most successful Pacific Islander business owner.

In 1931, in a cramped city apartment in Olb City, Iloah Mai was born to Ono and Maul Mai, two Pacific Islanders who had immigrated to Arenztopia from Samoa just one year before. Ono and Maul were one of the many Pacific Islanders who immigrated to Arenztopia in the 1920s and 30s. Iloah was one of the first Pacific Islanders to go to the University of Arenztopia at Olb City. After she graduated from business school at the age of 22, Iloah had big ambitions. She opened her first business “I's Computer Repair” on Main Street at 25. There, Iloah sold electronics and had a repair service ranked number 1 for electronic stores for three years straight, from 1956 to 1959, by the Arenztopia Financial Review. In 1970, she created a phone company called IL Phones, the most successful phone company in Arenztopia from 1972 to 1984. In 2009, she expanded IL Phones into the world of smartphones and created ILOS, an operating system that rivaled Apple's in terms of complexity and ubiquitousness, at least in Arenztopia. In 2015, Iloah Mai died at the age of 84, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Her net worth was 20 billion Arenzos at its height. Iloah's son, Nohoi Mai, continues to run both I's Computer Repair and IL Phones, which have a combined worth of 50 billion Arenzos today.

Iloah Mai contributed a huge amount to the technological advancements of Arenztopia. Wihout her, modern Arenztopia would not be the same. Iloah will continue to stand as one of the giants of technology in Arenztopia.

Iloah Sinuan Mai was instated into the Arenztopian Hall of Fame in 2020.


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet


By Owen Miyazoi

Book Recommendation

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Today we recommend the excellent Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull. The series follows the fantastical adventures of a boy named Cole as he explores the Five Kingdoms, a magical realm full of dangers. The series is captivating, descriptive, and really just plain awesome.


By Lorenzo Avila


By Owen Miyazoi