Issue 4

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 1, Issue 4 March 22nd-March 28th, 2020

New Hominid Found

by Tony Yuan

8700 4th Street-Workers digging the foundations of a new seiries of condos inadvertently found a new species of hominid. The new species, dubbed Australopithecus Renzosis after the king, is a 4-foot tall apelike creature that probably got here from Africa. A skull was found along with sets of ribs. “It's an amazing discovery. A. Renzosis is the first hominid to be discovered in Arenztopia,” says Egan Nosbin, a leading authority on hominids and director of hominid research at the ASO (Arenzish Scientific Office). Scientists are currently studying the specimen, and it is due to go on display at the Olb City Natrual History Museum in 2022.


by Tony Yuan

The megafamous painting “Autumn” was found to have particles of dead coronavirus on it after a handler tested positive. The artwork was carefully cleaned, revealing that it had ants living in the hollow of the canvas and a little bit of mold.


by Tony Yuan

Due to the coronavirus the upcoming match between the Arenztopian Antelopes and the Olb City Gladiators had to be postponed after the lead quarterback of the Antelopes contracted the coronavirus.


by Mezoir Logan

Next week should see an average temprature of 22 degrees celsius with mostly clear skies.

Gigantic worm found

by Owen Miyazoi

A local farmer was horrified when a 2-foot long, quarter-inch thick earthworm lazily crawled out of the ground after the storm last week. Authorities are not sure what to do with the gigantic, slimy monstrosity.

Everything grinds to a halt, and cities become ghost towns.

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

One of our reporters recently went on a tour of the cities of Arenztopia. He says, “The streets are deserted and there is a heavy silence.” The entire Arenztopian nation has skidded to a stop in the midst of the pandemic, as have many other nations around the globe.

Bees shown to calm some people down

by Owen Miyazoi

A recent study shows that people with the rare blood type M+ are calmed by images of bees. This research could help people with M+ blood stay calm in times of panic such as this.


by Tony Yuan

Social Distancing

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Ancient Alchemist's studies found

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Some of the studies of an ancient alchemist in Arenztopia during the 1600s known only as “Albub” were found. Noted to be the most influential alchemist in Arenztopia according to historic sources, Albub's notes could provide insight into 1600s Arenztopia, which we know little about.

New technology invented

by Owen Miyazoi

New farming tech was revealed to make plowing easier and better. The test farms were all very satisfied so the new tech will be produced and in stores by 2021.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

Government sources say 213 cases and 30 deaths. Experts say that the curve has dramatically flattened since the lockdown order given last week.

New reactor planned

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Tuesday, Acellmyn Technollogies, Inc. announced a new reactor which will supply energy to 500 homes starting 2035. It will be an Advanced Heat Activated Neutron-Ion Reactor, or AHAN-IR, which Acellmyn Technologies, Inc. invented. it is extremely efficient, but since it is highly dangerous is located in the Arenztopian Desert. Acellmyn Technologies, Inc. is looking for a name, so if you have a submission go to “We promise that this reactor will be very efficient, clean, and advanced,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Animal Abnormalities

by Owen Miyazoi

A scandal erupted when some animals, such as deer, were growing “unsightly lumps” around a heavy metal processing facility. The company, Zortek Incorporated, denies that it was because of them. “We hired biologists to take a look, and they said the animals were perfectly healthy. I don't know why all those morons out there are yelling about our security,” the CEO tweeted Thursday.