Issue 32

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 4, Issue 2
March 14th-March 20th, 2021

New Transportation Plan Announced

By Tony Yuan

Olb City Department of Transportation-A new transportation expansion bill was announced on Monday. If passed, it will feature three new lines for the subway network, light rail service straight to and from Arenztopia Mountain National Park, a “light rail overpass” network, and more. The first new subway line will run from Olb Plaza to Olb University, with stops at Villa Palenque, the Anda-Tortoise Junction, City Hall, and GD & Co HQ. It will be called the Red Line. The second new subway line will run from Lake Oglethorpe to Lake Maracea, with stops at City Hall, Olb Plaza, Dripping Cone, and the Sanson Tower. It will be called the Pink Line. The third new subway line will run from the the Anda Resovoir to the Tortoise River Freight Port, with stops at the National Hospital, Lake Maracea, the Maracea River, Olb Cathedral, the Maracea-Tortoise Junction, and North Riverside. It will be called the Yellow Line. The transportation plan also includes a 250-mile expansion of the city's light rail network, which includes a light rail line running along the highway from Olb City to Arenztopia Mountain, a line following the Anda and Maracea rivers, a line following the circumference of Lake Kosan, and a light rail station and track on top of the Anda Dam. There will also be a network of “light rail overpasses”, which are light rail tracks that follow roads not by going along them, but over them. These overpasses will run between the buildings, with glass bottoms to let sunlight in. Stations will be located inside of the buildings, and the overpasses will require the construction of special downward-sloping tracks inside buildings in order to let the light rail trains get back to street level. The overpasses will be the first of their kind, anywhere in the world. The entire plan is estimated to cost around 3 billion Arenzos, possibly more, and it will take until late 2022 to finish. The plan will be called the NXTransport Bill, and it will be up for a vote in June.

NXTransport's official subway map
A map of Olb City featuring the proposed new subway lines


By Owen Miyazoi

A new, monumental artwork was unveiled at the OCAM on Tuesday by the famous local artist Moe Kinakshi, after a long disappearance from the art world. It is a huge, 75-foot diameter globe with exquisite detailing painted on it, except there is a brown, gooey liquid spilling down the sides. It is called “Pollution (Earth),” and it will be displayed in a special outdoor room near the OCAM's sculpture park.


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The Olb University Biology Department staged a semi-satirical sports event on Wednesday in which over 200 people raced to see who could plant the most trees in thirty minutes. The winner turned out to be undergrad Joe Cansikal, who planted twenty-nine trees in the thirty minutes. Caniskal won the 300 Arenzo cash prize and also a brand-new bicycle, as well as three bumper stickers with this joke on them:

What do you call the leader of a biology department?
The nucleus.


By Mezoir Logan

Next week should be warmer after a breif cold front on Tuesday, with the high being 30 degrees Celsius on Friday and the low being 15 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

Coronavirus Report: 1 Million People Vaccinated!

By Owen Miyazoi

Cases are at an incredible 125, while deaths are staying at 0. Authorities predict that there will be 0 cases in Arenztopia by the end of April, and that all citizens will be vaccinated by the end of September. 20,000 doses of Moderna have arrived, as well as 20,000 doses of Pfizer. Following a huge new drive for COVID-19 vaccines, 1,500,000 Avac doses have been produced and 500,000 have been administered, as well as 5,000 Moderna and 5,000 Pfizer, for a total fully vaccinated count of 1,028,575 people, with a further 5,000 waiting for their second shot. A further 250,000 Avac vaccines have been exported to countries around the world, including the US, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Peru. The Arenztopian Officer of Health, Dr. Johannes Peterson, says that he wants to double or even triple the production of Avac by next week, meaning that we may have as many as 5,250,000 doses of Avac by Friday next week. Tellurium Group, the car manufacturer, has devoted 75% of its factories to making Avac, and has postponed its 2021 models until 2022 and cut production by 80%. General Medicinal of Arenztopia has also devoted 75% of its factories to making Avac, and has donated a further 2 million dollars to the production and distribution of Avac by other companies. Several other contributors include AEV, Valeron Medicinal, Skaarsgard Interiors, and Vivid Imagery VR Goggles, all of which have devoted 25% of their factories to making and distributing Avac.

Feature: Norzae Peerce

By Lorenzo Avila

Today we interviewed Norzae Peerce, a French-Arenztopian artist. His latest piece, Nuit de Lune, sold for 100 million Arenzos on the ANAS (Arenzish National Art Show.)

Olb City Announcer: Hi Norzae! Could you tell us a bit about what inspired you to make Nuit de Lune?

Norzae Peerce: Oui! I was sitting outside on my porch and there was a full moon with stars surrounding it. It was just so amazing! I had to paint it so people who did not get to see it in real life can see it in my art.

OCA: That is so beautiful! Where do you live where you can see the sky so clearly?

NP: I live in the outskirts of New Paris, I get a view of the city lights as well as the view of the sky and nature surrounding the city.

OCA: That sounds amazing! What are you planning on doing with the 100 million?

NP: Well I really have everything I need so I will probably keep a small amount for myself for food and other things but I will be donating the rest.

OCA: That is a very gracious thing to do. Thanks for coming!

NP: Thanks for having me!

The original interview was made in French. The non-translated version will be below. (Translated by Lorenzo Avila)

French Feature:

Aujourd'hui, nous avons interviewé Norzae Peerce, une artiste française-Arenztopian. Sa dernière pièce, Nuit de Lune, s'est vendue pour 100 million Arenzos à l'ANAS (Arenzish National Art Show.)

Annonceur d'Olb City: Salut Norzae! Pouvez-vous nous parler un peu de ce qui vous a inspiré pour faire Nuit de Lune?

Norzae Peerce: Oui! J'étais assis dehors sur mon porche et il y avait une pleine lune avec des étoiles qui l'entouraient. C'était tellement incroyable! J'ai dû le peindre pour que les gens qui ne l'ont pas vu dans la vraie vie puissent le voir dans mon art.

OCA: C'est tellement beau! Où habitez-vous où vous pouvez voir le ciel si clairement?

NP: J'habite à la périphérie de New Paris, j'ai une vue sur les lumières de la ville ainsi que sur le ciel et la nature qui entourent la ville.

OCA: Cela semble incroyable! Que comptez-vous faire avec les 100 millions?

NP: Eh bien, j'ai vraiment tout ce dont j'ai besoin, donc je vais probablement économiser une petite quantité pour moi-même pour la nourriture, entre autres, mais je vais donner le reste.

OCA: C'est une chose très gentille à faire. Merci d'être venu!

NP: Merci de m'avoir invité!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Major Company Moves to Olb City

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The major technology company Faolan Technologies announced that it would be moving its headquarters from Norway to Olb City on Thursday. The CEO of Faolan Technologies, Edme S. Faolan III, cited Arenztopia's growing economy and Olb City's place as a technological hub as reasons for the move. Subsidaries of Faolan Technologies include the brokerage firm Byrrgis, the audio company Slink Melf, the ancestry-finding service Edme, and the experimental scientific instrument company Fengo Finbar, among others.

Credit Card Theft WARNING

By Owen Miyazoi

Police have reported a rash of recent credit card thefts. 182 people reported unauthorized purchases from their cards, ranging from 10 Arenzos to over 1,400 Arenzos. The main target seems to be people who use ATMs operated by First Bank of Olb City; FBOC has closed their ATMs. Several suspects have been captured, however none of them seem to be the true criminal. The OCPD says to be careful and to not swipe if you see a suspicious, silvery, rectangular object attatched to the ATM that was not there before (These objects are credit card number collectors). If you have any other information, please call 111 to contact the OCPD.


By Lorenzo Avila, edited by Tony Yuan

Nighttime Scene: A short poem

The Moon.
A wonderful night.


By Owen Miyazoi

Influential politician Jersey Hamlyn died at the age of 67 on Tuesday following a long battle with cancer. Mr. Hamlyn was an extremely active as a left-wing politician in the 1990s, and he helped build support for many beautification projects. He was also an instrumental voice in the creation of Reef National Marine Reserve. Show sympathy by calling 680-208-1095.