Issue 30

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 3, Issue 10
February 28th-March 6th, 2021


This week, we are celebrating one year of the Olb City Announcer: Our first issue was for the week of March 1 to March 7th, 2020. However, this one-year anniversary is including a several-month hiatus in the summer of 2020 due to a COVID-19 outbreak in our offices.

Az Scoops Sued for 180 million Arenzos

By Lorenzo Avila and Tony Yuan

Olb City Courthouse-On Tuesday, Az Scoops, a company that sells expensive ice cream, was sued by the world's largest ice cream company, Dripping Cone. Dripping Cone alleges that Az Scoops stole many of its copyrighted recipes and then branded them as their own. Dripping Cone also says that the stolen recipes are worth 180 million Arenzos, and Az Scoops denies all charges. We will publish updates as new facts emerge.


By Owen Miyazoi

Artist Milo Jankwuan unveiled a new series of sculptures titled Mzgfiv. It is a series of rounded, abstract shapes made out of stainless steel and painted all over with bright, solid colors.


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The biannual Arenztopian Professional Lacrosse Tournament (APLT) culminated on Wednesday with Nick Oenson of the Shersville Snakes beating Whanis Hanskal of the Shreetian Seals. The APLT has been going since 1899 and is the world's oldest lacrosse tournament.


By Mezoir Logan

Temperatures should get from -3 to 12 degrees celsius next week as temperatures start to reflect the start of spring. Snow and ice on roads should begin to melt, but you still need to be careful because all that water will make the roads slippery.

Coronavirus Report

By Owen Miyazoi

Cases have dropped to an incredible 180, and deaths are at 2. Another 2,500 people have gotten Avac, and another 2,000 people have gotten Pfizer, for a total fully vaccinated number of 18,075.

Feature: Omisnan Lanskarin

By Tony Yuan

We interviewed Omisnan Lanskarin, a famous skiing champion.

Olb City Announcer: How did you get so good at skiing?

Omisnan Lanskarin: I guess I just have a natural talent for it, and I have also practiced a lot, for about five years maybe, and I also just focus a lot while I'm skiing.

OCA: What are some awards that you have won?

OL: So I won the ANST (Arenztopian National Skiing Tournament) for the Canopia Wildcats in 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2005. I then won the ANST for the Sitin Salmons in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018. I also got recognized by the International Ski Federation (FIS), and was a representative for Arenztopia for the FIS from 1999 to 2005. I represented and won for the Arenztopian national skiing team in 2000 and 2003. I'm also in the Arenztopian Sports Hall of Fame, the Arenztopian Skiing Hall of Fame, and the Arenztopian Winter Sports Hall of Fame.

OCA: Wow! That's really impressive! How has the pandemic affected your skiing career?

OL: Well, obviously I haven't really been able to play during the pandemic, so I never played any games in 2020. I still have been training on my mini ski course that I have at my house, though.

OCA: Well, that looks like all the questions that we have for you today! Thanks for coming!

OL: Thank you for inviting me!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Building catches fire in Noi City; 2 dead

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

An office building in Noi City caught fire and burned to the ground on Tuesday. The building was called the CFP Building and was 25 stories tall. Search and rescue groups have confirmed two dead, and over 80 injured. The cause of the fire is unknown. This is still breaking news; we will publish updates as new details emerge.

New Thai Restauraunt Opens

By Owen Miyazoi

A new thai restauraunt called Xahar opened on Tuesday on Sixth Street. It serves traditional Thai food, along with Thai-inspired pizza and burgers. Xahar means “food” in Thai. Staple dishes include lamb korma, spicy fish pizza, and a spicy chicken burger with basil.


By Tony Yuan

History of Music: A rhyming poem.

Such an expressive thing
We like to hear it now
But you could also have heard people sing
in times past of the arrow and bow;


By Owen Miyazoi

Gallahad Kanaskarheen, an influential climate activist, died on Tuesday at the age of 78 following a long battle with cancer. He was instrumental in the creation of many national parks including Tfziwrzmh National Park and Thunberg National Marine Reserve. Show sympathy at

In recognition of Native Arenztopian Day on Thursday this week, we are also publishing this issue in Arenzese.

Rm ivxltmrgrlm lu Mzgrev Zivmaglkrzm Wzb lm Gsfihwzb gsrh dvvp, dv ziv zohl kfyorhsrmt gsrh rhhfv rm Arenzese.

Gsv Olb City Zmmlfmxvi

Elofnv 3, Rhhfv 10
Uvyifzib 28gs-Nzixs 6gs, 2021

Az Scoops Hfvw uli 180 nroorlm Arenzos

Yb Lorenzo Avila zmw Tony Yuan

Olb City Courthouse-Lm Gfvhwzb, Az Scoops, z xlnkzmb gszg hvooh vckvmhrev rxv xivzn, dzh hfvw yb gsv dliow'h ozitvhg rxv xivzn xlnkzmb, Dripping Cone. Dripping Cone zoovtvh gszg Az Scoops hgvzovw nzmb lu rgh xlkbirtsgvw ivxrkvh zmw gsvm yizmwvw gsvn zh gsvri ldm. Dripping Cone zohl hzbh gszg gsv hglovm ivxrkvh ziv dligs 180 nroorlm Arenzos, zmw Az Scoops wvmrvh zoo xszitvh. Dv droo kfyorhs fkwzgvh zh mvd uzxgh vnvitv.


Yb Owen Miyazoi

Zigrhg Milo Jankwuan fmevrovw z mvd hvirvh lu hxfokgfivh grgovw Mzgfiv. Rg rh z hvirvh lu ilfmwvw, zyhgizxg hszkvh nzwv lfg lu hgzrmovhh hgvvo zmw kzrmgvw zoo levi drgs yirtsg, hlorw xlolih.


Yb Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Gsv yrzmmfzo Arenztopian Professional Lacrosse Tournament (APLT) xfonrmzgvw lm Dvwmvhwzb drgs Nick Oenson lu gsv Shersville Snakes yvzgrmt Whanis Hanskal lu gsv Shreetian Seals. Gsv APLT szh yvvm tlrmt hrmxv 1899 zmw rh gsv dliow'h lowvhg ozxilhhv glfimznvmg.


Yb Mezoir Logan

Gvnkvizgfivh hslfow tvg uiln -3 gl 12 wvtivvh celsius mvcg dvvp zh gvnkvizgfivh hgzig gl ivuovxg gsv hgzig lu hkirmt. Hmld zmw rxv lm ilzwh hslfow yvtrm gl nvog, yfg blf hgroo mvvw gl yv xzivufo yvxzfhv zoo gszg dzgvi droo nzpv gsv ilzwh horkkvib.

Xlilmzerifh Ivklig

Yb Owen Miyazoi

Xzhvh szev wilkkvw gl zm rmxivwryov 180, zmw wvzgsh ziv zg 2. Zmlgsvi 2,500 kvlkov szev tlggvm Avac, zmw zmlgsvi 2,000 kvlkov szev tlggvm Pfizer, uli z glgzo ufoob ezxxrmzgvw mfnyvi lu 18,075.

Uvzgfiv: Omisnan Lanskarin

Yb Tony Yuan

Dv rmgviervdvw Omisnan Lanskarin, z uznlfh hprrmt xsznkrlm.

Olb Xrgb Zmmlfmxvi: Sld wrw blf tvg hl tllw zg hprrmt?

Omisnan Lanskarin: R tfvhh R qfhg szev z mzgfizo gzovmg uli rg, zmw R szev zohl kizxgrxvw z olg, uli zylfg urev bvzih nzbyv, zmw R zohl qfhg ulxfh z olg dsrov R'n hprrmt.

OCA: Dszg ziv hlnv zdziwh gszg blf szev dlm?

OL: Hl R dlm gsv ANST (Arenztopian National Skiing Tournament) uli gsv Canopia Wildcats rm 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2004, zmw 2005. R gsvm dlm gsv ANST uli gsv Sitin Salmons rm 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, zmw 2018. R zohl tlg ivxltmravw yb gsv International Ski Federation (FIS), zmw dzh z ivkivhvmgzgrev uli Arenztopia uli gsv FIS uiln 1999 gl 2005. R ivkivhvmgvw zmw dlm uli gsv Arenztopian mzgrlmzo hprrmt gvzn rm 2000 zmw 2003. R'n zohl rm gsv Arenztopian Sports Hall of Fame, gsv Arenztopian Skiing Hall of Fame, zmw gsv Arenztopian Winter Sports Hall of Fame.

OCA: Dld! Gszg'h ivzoob rnkivhhrev! Sld szh gsv kzmwvnrx zuuvxgvw blfi hprrmt xzivvi?

OL: Dvoo, lyerlfhob R szevm'g ivzoob yvvm zyov gl kozb wfirmt gsv kzmwvnrx, hl R mvevi kozbvw zmb tznvh rm 2020. R hgroo szev yvvm gizrmrmt lm nb nrmr hpr xlfihv gszg R szev zg nb slfhv, gslfts.

OCA: Dvoo, gszg ollph orpv zoo gsv jfvhgrlmh gszg dv szev uli blf glwzb! Gszmph uli xlnrmt!

OL: Gszmp blf uli rmergrmt nv!

Gsrh rmgviervd dzh vwrgvw uli ovmtgs zmw xozirgb.

Yfrowrmt xzgxsvh uriv rm Noi City; 2 wvzw

Yb Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Zm luurxv yfrowrmt rm Noi City xzftsg uriv zmw yfimvw gl gsv tilfmw lm Gfvhwzb. Gsv yfrowrmt dzh xzoovw gsv CFP Building zmw dzh 25 hglirvh gzoo. Hvzixs zmw ivhxfv tilfkh szev xlmurinvw gdl wvzw, zmw levi 80 rmqfivw. Gsv xzfhv lu gsv uriv rh fmpmldm. Gsrh rh hgroo yivzprmt mvdh; dv droo kfyorhs fkwzgvh zh mvd wvgzroh vnvitv.

Mvd Thai Ivhgzfizfmg Lkvmh

Yb Owen Miyazoi

Z mvd gszr ivhgzfizfmg xzoovw Xahar lkvmvw lm Gfvhwzb lm Sixth Street. Rg hvievh gizwrgrlmzo Thai ullw, zolmt drgs Thai-rmhkrivw kraaz zmw yfitvih. Xahar nvzmh “ullw” rm Thai. Hgzkov wrhsvh rmxofwv ozny plinz, hkrxb urhs kraaz, zmw z hkrxb xsrxpvm yfitvi drgs yzhro.


Yb Tony Yuan

Srhglib lu Nfhrx: Z isbnrmt klvn.

Hfxs zm vckivhhrev gsrmt
Dv orpv gl svzi rg mld
Yfg blf xlfow zohl szev svziw kvlkov hrmt
rm grnvh kzhg lu gsv ziild zmw yld;


Yb Owen Miyazoi

Gallahad Kanaskarheen, zm rmuofvmgrzo xornzgv zxgrerhg, wrvw lm Gfvhwzb zg gsv ztv lu 78 ulooldrmt z olmt yzggov drgs xzmxvi. Sv dzh rmhgifnvmgzo rm gsv xivzgrlm lu nzmb mzgrlmzo kziph rmxofwrmt Tfziwrzmh National Park zmw Thunberg National Marine Reserve. Hsld hbnkzgsb zg