Issue 3

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 1, Issue 3
March 15th-March 21st, 2020

Silver Growing In Crystals

by Tony Yuan

Albrecht Cave-Miners using enimulgemid etatetnepodag disulfate technology were able to bust the entire back and half of the side walls of Albrecht Cave. Seeing a narrow tunnel, one of the miners climbed into the tunnel. Emerging in a giant cavern, he saw silver everywhere, except these were growing in huge, diamond-and-quartz style crystals! Having never seen this before, the miner called the other people over to see while he called the ASO (Arenzish Scientific Office). Experts and scientists the country over are peering, poking, and testing samples of this bizzare phenomenon. Alex DuChiniko, a scientist and one of the nation's leading experts on precious metals, says “I've never seen anything like it. Silver just isn't supposed to do this!” Says a spokesperson for the ASO, “We could be on the brink of a scientific revolution that changes our understanding of the elements.”

Spring Starts

by Tony Yuan

Everyone is happy and joyful when spring starts, as it heralds the beginning of a prosperous new season. This spring is different, however, as when it started on March 19th, the world remembered it as the first time spring has started early on March 19th in 154 years. The last time was in 1866.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

To kick off football season in Arenztopia, the Shreetian Star Hawks blazed through the Noi City Ninjas, but were not able to defeat the Arenztopian Antelopes. We are predicting another win by the Antelopes, who are the reigning kings of football in Arenztopia. Next, the Antelopes are participating in the Championship Finals facing the Olb City Gladiators.


by Owen Miyazoi

The sculpture Galaxy, created by local sculptor Moe Kinakshi, is debuting Wednesday at the Olb City Art Mueseum, along with beautiful pictures of viruses created by Thomas Gessbegere, a local photographer. Taken through a Scanning Electron Microscope (the strongest microscopes), these include such iconic lifeforms as the flu, COVID-19, and the infamous Ebola.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

Official government sources say 185 cases with 22 deaths. Arenztopian officials approved 15 million dollars to help the effort, and people have been ordered to “hunker down” in their homes.

New Dinosaur Discovered

by Tony Yuan

A new dinosaur was unearthed a couple of miles away in the coast region. Called Thanos Dysprositosaurus, it is a large tyrannosaur. It is the second species in the Thanos genus, which is named after the comic book character. The species name, Dysprositosarus, means “hard to get at lizard”, because Dysprositos is the greek word for “hard to get at”. It is named this way because it was found in really hard rocks.

Social Distancing: How it affects rats

by Max Supresey, Director of psycology at the ASO

The ASO (Arenzish Scientific Office)“s department of psycology conducted a study on rats during social distancing. They acquired 50 lab rats and put them in a box, then separated each rat from the others with a round partition. Then, they monitored the rat's brains for a month. After a month had passed, the psycologists had the rats solve basic puzzles that they had also solved before social distancing. The data shows that the rats were able to solve a greater number of puzzles, but they did it slower.


QuarantineFest 2020
March 19th
People get together via Skype and talk about what they are doing to pass the time.

Unusual Rocks
March 18th to March 21st
The Olb City Art Museum and the Olb City Minearology Comittee partner to bring you some beautifully painted rocks by Mr. Andrew Tishwarat.

Arts 2: Unusual Rocks

by Johan Tinapikkur, curator of natural items at the Olb City Art Museum

From March 18th to March 21st, the Olb City Art Museum is going to partner with the Olb City Minearology Comittee to bring you a collection of beautiful painted rocks by native artist Andrew Tishwarat. The stones have such color schemes as pink over black, blue over red, red over green, and other bright, striking colors. The rocks are also varnished to make them shiny, and they were temporarily on display at the SMOA in Shreet earlier.


by Tony Yuan


Kings School of the Arts CLOSED

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The Kings School of the Arts is the most prestigious art school in all Arenztopia, but recently announced that it would be closing for an unspecified amount of time, most likely 3 weeks.