Issue 22

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 3, Issue 2
January 3rd-January 9th, 2021

Plane crashes near airport hotel

By Tony Yuan

Olb City International Airport-A Boeing 727 overshot the runway at OCIA on Monday and broke apart after hitting the ground and exploding just 50 meters from the Hilton hotel at OCIA. Police say that at least 20 people have died, 50 are injured, and the rest are missing. The wreckage of the plane was quickly doused with water and investigators are now searching for clues as to what might have caused the crash. Data obtained from the control tower at OCIA show that the airplane attempted to land on the wrong runway and that both the pilot and co-pilot were extremely inexperienced. The plane was operated by AAL, and federal authorities are now conducting an investigation into that airline company. “This is a very unfortunate crash, and I hope this won't happen again.” said Suhan L., CEO of AAL. We'll be publishing a follow-up story in tomorrow's issue as new details emerge.


By Owen Miyazoi

The shuttering date of the popular exhibition Weaving Magic at the OCAM is going to be extended, said a statement from the OCAM. The statement said that the popular exhibition would be extended from Feburary to April because of the “overwhelmingly positive visitor reviews”.


By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

A new soccer stadium was completed in Noi City on Wednesday. It's the new home of the Noi City Nightingales, the city's champion soccer team. The stadium is able to seat 15,000 people, started construction last July, and cost 14 million dollars.


By Mezoir Logan

One of the arms of Hurricane Vonso barrelled into Olb City on Monday, just as predicted. It brought extreme wind and heavy rain, but only caused 2 injuries and no deaths. Heavy rains are expected to continue until Tuesday next week. The water barriers erected around several critical riverside sites held up. A stay-at-home warning is in effect until Wednesday of next week, and flash flood warnings are in place for all properties within three-quarters of a mile of the Tortoise, Anda, and Maracea rivers.

Coronavirus Report

By Owen Miyazoi

A record 300 more people have gotten the Avac vaccine, according to reports. Cases have lowered to 449, and deaths are at 21. The 15,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine promised by the Arenztopian Officer of Health have finally arrived, and are currently being shipped from Arenztopia City to Olb City, New Paris, New Athens, Austerfeild, Noi City, Shersville, Shreet, Chasiania, Canopia, and other areas.

Feature: Velso Morales

By Lorenzo Avila and Tony Yuan

We interviewed Velso Morales, the creator of Eco-Tech.

Olb City Announcer: Just breifly, what is Eco-Tech?

Velso Morales: Eco-Tech is a tech company that focuses on ideas to help improve the planet by using eco-friendly production, and making eco-friendly products.

OCA: That's awesome! What is your favorite product?

VM: Well, I think my favorite is the E-21. It has no official name yet, but it is a tool used to clean water. You can put it in a river, pond, or lake and it will use a secret filter developed by us to filter pollution and litter out of the river. We found that it could clean a standard swimming pool in just three hours! We are still making edits to make it work even better.

OCA: Impressive! How do you manage to make these inventions all eco-friendly?

VM: We only use the parts that are completely necessary: we never have left over pieces. In the rare case that there are leftover pieces, we will use those leftover pieces for another project. Less wasted material, less pollution.

OCA: Well, that's all the time we have. Thanks for coming!

VM: Thanks for inviting me!

Inauguration Next Week

By Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The winners of the 2020-2021 Arenztopian Elections will be inaugurated on January 15th, which is next week.

New store opened

By Owen Miyazoi

A new store, called the Argo, was opened at Three Pines Mall on Wednesday. The shop sells marine-related books and trinkets.


By Lorenzo Avila

Remember the plane crash

devastating crash
people dead, gone, or missing
aching felt by all


By Owen Miyazoi

The Arenztopian TikTok influencer Sarah Armak died suddenly at the age of 24 on Tuesday. When news of her death reached social media, there was an outpouring of grief from her fans. Police are investigating how she died; currently, they believe that it was because of an overdose of a perscription drug. To show sympathy, call 680-333-9822 or leave a comment at her TikTok page at