Issue 18

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 2, Issue 8
December 6-December 12, 2020

Famous Athlete Missing

by Tony Yuan

Marifu Hills-Famous soccer player Luke Jasil went missing on Wednesday. Police say he disappeared from his home at night. Officials think that he was kidnapped. The OCPD has published five suspects on its website at “This is an act of grevious cowardice,” Jack Carter, the leader of the Olb City Detective Association, said in a statement. Forensic scientists have roped off Jasil's home and are searching for evidence. In a statement, they said that they had found several incomplete fingerprints, but not enough to determine the kidnapper. Police have also speculated that the kidnapping was motivated by Jasil's intense opposition of the Science party.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Wednesday, the annual Freezing Man event was announced. A rip-off of Burning Man, the race will happen on December 20th. Freezing Man involves contestants stripping down to a Speedo or bikini and then running a marathon, or swimming half a lap around an Olympic-sized pool.


by Owen Miyazoi

A new tapestry was unveiled for the growing and trending exhibit at the OCAM, Weaving Magic. It is billed as “The largest tapestry in Olb City!” and that is actually true. The gargantuan, whose actual title is “Woodland Scene with Deer and Rabbits,” was weaven by renowned tapestry artist Pedro Sacala in 1735. At 75 feet by 50 feet, it took 10 years to compete and was previously stored at the Arenztopia City Museum of Art.


by Mezoir Logan

In a continuation of the falling temperatures of the last few weeks, next week should be a very cold -10 celsius throughout. These temperatures will likely continue through the rest of December and into January.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

Cases are dropping steadily with 685 cases and 36 deaths. With the FDA approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Johannes Peterson, the Arenztopian Officer of Health, says that he has arranged for 15,000 doses to be delivered to Arenztopia City, Olb City, and other parts of Arenztopia.

The Political Politician

by Tony Yuan

We've stopped recieving election updates due to a sudden technological failure. Therefore, we cannot report accurate news and so we will not be giving as accurate reports as we have been. We are sincerely sorry for any inconveniences this might cause.

Feature: Gerel Farnor

by Tony Yuan

We interviewed Gerel Farnor, the director and CEO of the Arenztopian Society of Doctors.

Olb City Announcer: What is special about the ASD?

Gerel Farnor: The ASD is a huge society, about 10,000 members, and the special thing about it is that it's composed completely of ICU front-line workers, and it's the only doctors’ society in Arenztopia to be composed entirely of ICU doctors.

OCA: Could you breifly explain the history of the ASD?

GF: Sure! So, in 1908, when we were founded, there was a doctor named Dermaul K. Loughton, and he was an ICU doctor and thought that some ICU doctors weren't getting paid as much as they should be for how much their front-line work meant to the community, so he created a doctor's union which eventually evolved into the ASD.

OCA: How have these doctors helped with the COVID relief effort?

GF: Well, since the number of COVID cases is comparably low, the doctors in some of the places with less COVID cases are actually pretty fine, they're not stretched to the limit. However, in the places with more cases, such as New Athens and Austerfeild, since about a third of COVID cases end up in the ICU in Arenztopia, those doctors have more patients than usual in their ICUs, and they're trying their best, and so far, over 200 people with COVID have recovered nationwide under the care of ASD doctors.

OCA: Well, that's it for today, and thanks for coming!

GF: Thank you! I hope to see you again soon!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

New Incan temple found

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Wednesday, archaeologist Ishaan P. found what appears to be a huge Incan temple in the outskirts of Olb City. Its ruins have been dated to around 1477, which makes it one of the earliest temples ever found in Arenztopia. Archeologists are eager to uncover even more of the temple in the coming weeks.

Arenztopian Airways to sponsor ASCRO car

By Owen Miyazoi

On Tuesday, the CEO of Arenztopian Airways, James O., announced that Arenztopian Airways would be sponsoring car #11 at the Arenztopian Stock Car Racing Organization's annual championship in July. The airline giant also announced that their driver would be Garo Hennar, a legendary ASCRO Hall of Famer who won 2 annual championships in a row.


by Tony Yuan


A blessing
Covid be gone!
Could we be saved?
In the labs of thousands of scientists
No expense spared
Egad! A vaccine.


by Owen Miyazoi

Influential and powerful former mayor Danand Sagarwad died at the age of 88 on Thursday. He was the mayor of Olb City from 1978 to 1988 and pressed forward on aggressive environmental change and urban expansion, transforming Olb City from a small, stuffy factory town into the gleaming, green metropolis that we see today. To pay your respects, visit his online monument at or attend his funeral in Olb Plaza on January 10.