Issue 17

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 2, Issue 7
November 29-December 5, 2020


by Tony Yuan

Servap Hydropower Plant-On Tuesday, a small hydropower plant failed upstream of the Tortoise River. Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the failure. Based on preliminary evidence, it seems like an object had gotten lodged into the pipe which held the turbine, and when the fast-moving turbine struck the object, the plant exploded. The explosion knocked down a part of the dam, causing a catastrophic collapse. Water from the resovoir flooded part of Natania City, and destroyed four houses. Five people were killed, and fourteen people were hospitalized. 8 people are still missing. Natania City says that it will fully compensate the victims and their families.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The Arenztopian Hockey Season continues as the New Austin Penguins are set to go up against the Olb City Octopi. Also, on Thursday, a celebrity basketball game happened in Arenztopia City. All sports are still virtual-only.


by Owen Miyazoi

Artist Lue von Helk put one of her most famous art pieces on auction on Monday. The art piece, titled Yllph, was sold for 1,400,000 Arenzos. Yllph depicts the love of books around Arenztopia using thick, vibrant, colorful brushstrokes. Lue von Helk said that she was “grateful for this opportunity of a lifetime.”


by Mezoir Logan

Temperatures should be at about -7 degrees throughout the whole week, with temperatures jumping to 8 degrees on Wednesday. A storm system is approaching from the southeast, which should bring snow by Thursday.

The Political Politician: the weekly politics column

by Tony Yuan

The voting season started on December 1st, and is due to end on December 20th. There was considerable confusion and consternation as Renzo Avila, the Manager of Voting, changed the number of judges to one and the number of senators to one on the ballot, while saying that there were different numbers of senators and judges. The matter still has not been resolved.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

There are 698 confirmed cases and 32 deaths as cases steadily drop. Everything is still virtual and strict lockdown is still imposed.

Feature: Harne Pearson

We interviewed Harne Pearson, the leader of DaroHealth, a company that is aiming to create a COVID vaccine.

Olb City Announcer: So why is DaroHealth's vaccine so special?

Harne Pearson: DaroHealth's vaccine is using a mixture, actually, of COVID patient blood plasma, and dead COVID particles. This is a combination that's never been tried in any COVID vaccine.

OCA: So how's the concept going along?

HP: We raised about 10 million dollars in capital, and we've already burned through about eight million of that developing the vaccine itself, and we're entering Stage 1 clinical trials now!

OCA: What are the pros and cons of this new approach?

HP: So the pros are that this approach has already been tried successfully in many experimental vaccines, and that it seems to be quite useful against these coronavirus-type viruses. However, the blood plasma part is still not proven in COVID-19.

OCA: That's all for today! Thanks for coming!

HP: Thank you!

New book released

By Owen Miyazoi

Famous author Jan Desyin released a new book on Wednesday. Titled “The Climb,” it is a nonfiction chronicle of Fredrick Karsper's amazing climb of Mount Arenztopia last year, which is the fastest ever ascent of Mount Arenztopia at a breakneck pace of 8 hours.


by Lorenzo Avila, guest author

A new day comes
vaccine brings hope and joy yay
for the coming holiday-


by Owen Miyazoi

Famous sci-fi author John Listid passed away at the age of 89 from COVID-19 on Wednesday. He wrote over 50 books. Show sympathy by calling 680-456-2310.