Issue 16

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 2, Issue 6
November 22-November 28, 2020

Huge new oil deposit found

by Tony Yuan

Sar Basin-On Wednesday, an oil platform hit upon a gigantic underground pool of oil on the north edge of the Sar Basin, a large underwater plain some 40 miles out from the coast. The oil platform, which was built in 2016 and chistened the Haruga, pumped in oil for over two hours before calling it a day. Research ships have determined that the huge resovior holds at least 10 billion gallons of oil, making it the second-largest oil resovoir ever found in Arenztopia. Arenztopia Oil Conglemerate (AOC) is expected to claim the northern side of the resovoir, while ArenzIro is expected to claim the southeast corner. The southwest corner may go to Iroil AZ, but that is not confirmed. The central area will be open to anybody.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Sled-racing fans are watching anxiously as the Arville Anacondas, the fastest and most popular team in the country, struggle to keep the first place after nearly being beaten by their rivals, the New Athens Rockets, on Tuesday in the Herbar Sled Races.


by Owen Miyazoi

Rising sculptor and snowglobe maker John Cardner unveiled another exquisite snowglobe on Wednesday featuring an exquisitely detailed, stoned-looking cat. The work is powered by an electrical motor which allows the cat to lick its paw and meow.


by Mezoir Logan

Temperatures are supposed to drop to as low as -10 degrees celsius from Monday thru Wednesday. As a bank of thunderclouds approaches from the east, Olb City may see its first snowfall of the winter by Tuesday. On Thursday and Friday, temperatures will warm again to 4 degrees.

The Political Politician: the weekly politics column

by Tony Yuan

According to reliable sources, Joe Biden has now been officially recognized by the US as the 46th president of the United States. This is a turning point because President Biden has promised a stronger relationship between the US and Arenztopia. On Wednesday, President L. S. J. Avila met with President Biden, and President Avila says that it was a productive meeting.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

According to goverment sources, there are 733 cases and 35 deaths. Dr. Johannes Peterson, the Arenztopian Minister of Health, said that he was “rushing” to arrange shipments of the acclaimed Pfizer vaccine and he is also trying to push the vaccine through FDA approval in order to ensure safe export and importation.

Feature: Sallo Doremia

by Tony Yuan

We interviewed Sallo Doremia, the new CEO of ArenzIro, which is the third-largest oil company in Arenztopia. She is the first female CEO of ArenzIro.

Olb City Announcer: Could you briefly explain what ArenzoIro is?

Sallo Doremia: ArenzIro is an oil company, and we mine oil! (laughter) We get a lot of inquiries about our name, and it's just Arenz and then Iro, which is Arenzese for Oil.

OCA: What policies are you planning in your term as CEO?

SD: So I'm planning a bunch of diversifying acts, such as changing the Board of Directors, and I would also improve and maintain our oil rigs, after we found that the individual rig managers were not keeping the oil rigs sanitary or clean. So yeah, definetely some diversity and some housekeeping, or rig-keeping, as we call it. (laughter)

OCA: What do you think about the new oil resovoir that was found on Wednesday?

SD: I think that this is a good opportunity for profits, but I also think that the other companies, Iroil AZ especially, should be more careful this time of what their environmental impact is.

OCA: Thank you! That's all for today. Thanks for coming!

SD: Thank you! I was happy to have my thoughts published about the Sar Basin Resovoir, as well!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Armwu Industries goes bankrupt after scandal

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Armwu Industries, a major biopharmacetical company, went bankrupt on Monday after a huge scandal where the CEO took over 120 million dollars from employee's salaries and made up lies about why their salaries had suddenly dropped by 20,000 Arenzos or more. The CEO was sentenced to 72 years in prison.

Scientists find new exoplanet

By Owen Miyazoi

The new satellite Specialized Arenztopian Exoplanet Hunter (SAEH), which was launched in December 2019, found its fourth exoplanet on Tuesday. The exoplanet, which was named SAEH-4, is orbiting around a star some 5,000 light years away.


by Tony Yuan

Well, I guess we can't have Thanksgiving
‘cause the food shops are closed
And the relatives may have Covid
So I suppose we could just stay home.


by Owen Miyazoi

Famous actor Sayner Reywas died on Wednesday of COVID-19. She was 78. She had starred in over 50 movies from the 1970s onward and had also starred in over 80 stage plays. To show sympathy, call 680-5512-7080.