Issue 13

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 2, Issue 3
November 1-November 7, 2020

Arenztopian Elections Kickoff

by Tony Yuan

On Monday, the 2020-2021 Arenztopian Elections were kicked off; many campaign signs have already benn spotted all over Arenztopia. Tony Yuan (S) and Ellidy J. (E) are both competing against incumbent Kassie K. (R) for the Vice President position. James O. announced on Friday that he was running for Senator. Tony Yuan and Ellidy are also both cometing for the Mayor position. Claire P., the advisor incumbent, is currently running for a third term as advisor and does not have any competition yet. Michael A., a new arival to the Arenztopian political scene and the former Dean of Economics at Shreet University, has announced his intentions for running in the election. He has not revealed what position he is running for.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

The coach of the New Rome Bulldogs, New Rome's soccer team, tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday. His name is Calvin Hedmerr and he is from the city-state of Aradakon, a notoriously far-right area in the Coast Region. Doctors say that he is in “Critical condition” and he was put into the ICU on Wednesday.


by Owen Miyazoi

Famous and eccentric artist, jeweler, and fashion designer Vladmir Mons'czye announced a new fashion campaign called the FashionBag Foundation on Tuesday. The foundation hopes to raise awareness of child blindness by hiring models to put bags over their heads, and then going to fashion shows. “This, is the epitome, of fashion”, Mr. Mons'czye said in his announcement. The movement has already drawn acclaim from prominent fashion designers throughout Arenztopia, and has also drawn positive feedback from abroad.


by Mezoir Logan

NOTE: The Weather section has not ben published for several weeks because Mr. Logan caught the coronavirus. He is better now and will continue writing the Weather column.

Next Monday should be a very cold 5 degrees celsius, with temperatures rising up to the lower 10s by next Wednesday. Temperatures should be back to 5 degrees on Saturday.

The Political Politician: the weekly politics column

by Tony Yuan

The 2020-2021 Arenztopian Elections were kicked off on Monday. All three Senator seats, all three Judge seats, the Advisor position, the Vice President position, and the Mayor position are all available. See the cover story for more details.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

Cases are still falling, with a total of 843 cases according to government sources. However, deaths rose a little, with 55 deaths. The Arenztopian Officer of Health, Johannes Peterson, hinted that he would relax restrictions sometime in December.

Feature: Christansen Redfield

by Tony Yuan

We interviewed Christansen Redfield, who is the Dean of Accounting at Arenztopia University at Olb City, or AUOC. He caught COVID-19 in March, and was brought back from a seemingly hopeless situation.

Olb City Announcer: So, uh, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Christansen Redfield: I am an immigrant from Finland. I moved here back in the 1990s. I became a lawyer, and I became the Dean of Accounting in 2018. And that's uh, that's me!

OCA: Well, so we all know your story. You were in the ICU for a month, on the brink of death. Then, within two days, you were up and running again. Could you elaborate on the beginning of tht story? I say the beginning because your story is probably gonna be pretty long.

CR: Ok, so here it goes: I probably caught the coronavirus from a birthday party I went to, back in February when nobody really thought about the coronavirus; I was on a trip to visit my cousins in China. So after that, I began to show symptoms, and this was in early March, where I was back in Arenztopia. And then the pandemic was declared a pandemic. So I was like, ‘Well, maybe this is COVID’, and I went to my doctor, and he looked me over, patted me on the back, and said that it was ‘unlikely’ to be COVID. So then I'm like, I just have a cold, or the flu maybe. So I had better stay away from people. So I did, I told people with questions to email me, and I stayed away from [AUOC]. So pretty much at that point I was under house arrest (laughs), basically.

OCA: And then continue your story.

CR: And then the symptoms started worsening very quick, very fast, and I went to the hospital at AUOC, and they said, ‘You have COVID-19’, and I was like, oh, ok. So I was admitted to the ICU a couple days later, this is in April or June, and it truly, truly felt like I was being pushed underwater and forced to breathe, like, my lungs felt full of goo, and I was literally gasping for air. And the rest is history.

OCA: So, uh, why do you think, personally, that you miraculously survived?

CR: Well, I think the one half of it was the doctors; they were working on shifts 24/7 and many of them worked 10-hour days; but they kept persevering and every one of them gave their all. They gave me pretty much the best COVID-19 care that I could have gotten in Olb City.

OCA: Well, that's it! Thank's for sharing your story with us!

CR: Thank you! Bye!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Movie Announcements!

by Renzo Avila

We will give 5 ideas for trending movies in Arenztopia. Here are the top 5 movies during Thanksgiving week!

  • Elf (2003)
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)
  • Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
  • Free Birds (2013)
  • Turkey Hollow (2015)

There you go! Enjoy!


by Owen Miyazoi

On Wednesday, Jacob Parrea, a famous financier, died at the age of 96. Parrea was an extremely successful stockbroker in the 1970s, ammassing a fortune that was worth over 4 billion Arenzos. From 1998 to 2007, he was the richest person in Arenztopia. Visit to show sympathy.