Issue 12

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 2, Issue 2
October 25-October 31, 2020

Our Halloween Raffle!

We are having a Halloween raffle! Take a screenshot of this page and email it to with the subject “Halloween raffle” to win a pumpkin, official OCA merchandise, an orange Macbook laptop, or a Dodge Charger in an orange-and-black color scheme. Entries are accepted until November 3rd. Limit 1 entry per person. Scroll down to keep on reading!

Stansberry Auctions

by Tony Yuan

Olb City Convention Center-On Tuesday, the auction house Stansberry virtually auctioned off many items. One of the most expensive objects was a super-rare 1918 Arenz Motors Simile, which sold for over 300,000 Arenzos.

A typical Stansberry private auction.
A private estate auction held by Stansberry last year.

Other items include a work by trending painter Ronald Gry, which sold for over 240,000 Arenzos, a Ming dynasty vase from China, which sold for over 200,000 Arenzos, and a sports car that sold for over 190,000 Arenzos and was once owned by Felipe González, who was the president of Spain from 1982 to 1996. Over 50,000 people were bidding at the auction's peak attendance, and the total amount of money collected was over 1,000,000 Arenzos. Stansberry says that it will hold more auctions over the coming weeks.


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On Wednesday, the Natania City Rockets went against the Canopian Pirahnas in the first match of the Arenztopian Hockey Season. THe Natania City Rockets won 14-12, and the next match will be on December 5th against the Arville Pythons.


by Owen Miyazoi

Trending painter Ronald Gry produced another painting on Tuesday. Titled “RRR”, which stands for Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, it depicts a brilliant landscape made using paint that is made of recycled water bottles. It emphasizes the importance of recycling or reusing objects tht could otherwise become harmful pollutants in landfills.

The Political Politician: the weekly politics column

by Tony Yuan

The Political Politician is a news column that will run until New Year's Day, and it will cover the Arenztopian Elections.

As campaigning starts up a little bit, Tony Yuan and Ellidy J. have announced their intentions to run for Vice President. They represent the Science and Ethics parties, respectively. They are both running against each other and against independent incumbent Kassie K. Both Tony and Ellidy are also running for Mayor. James O. is expected to officially announce his intention for running for Senator next week.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

Cases and deaths are still declining, with 867 confirmed cases and 53 deaths. The Arenztopian Officer of Health, Johannes Peterson, asked to have 15,000 doses of the new, promising Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and the doses are supposed to be delivered in early January 2021.

Feature: Jack Ma

by Tony Yuan

We interviewed Jack Ma, the richest person in China and the owner of Ant Group, which is a subsidiary of his company Alibaba. Ant Group has announced its intentions to start a massive, 626 billion Arenzo IPO sometime next week.

Olb City Announcer: So tell us a little bit about your upcoming IPO.

Jack Ma: So first I want to tell people what an IPO is. It's an event where a company goes public, basically. So what everybody means by biggest IPO is that Ant Group is going to be worth the most money when it goes public.

OCA: What are the potential implications of this IPO?

JM: So first, it would add a lot more value to the Chinese stock market. Also, it would hopefully make Ant Group or Alibaba grow in size through trading.

OCA: What are you planning to do with all the extra money, if there is any?

JM: I want to give it to small businesses; they're the ones who need it the most, espcially during the pandemic.

OCA: Thanks! That's all for today. Thanks for coming!

JM: Thank you!

This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Mansion planned

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

Celebrity actor Jagan Darpesan announced a new mansion to be built in the foothills of Arenztopia Mountain, in the outskirts of Olb City. He has already released the plans, and they show a huge, 10-bedroom, 12-bath extravaganza with an 18-hole golf course, three pools, and four stories. The mansion also has such amenities as a full sauna, game room with full-size basketball court, 50-seat theater, and more.

Stocks Fall

By Owen Miyazoi

This week has been one of the worst on record for the Areenztopian General Stock Market (AGSM), with overall stocks declining by over 500 billion Arenzos. The Arenztopian Officer of Economics, Dr. Kennan Sawyer, says he hopes for stocks to rise after the Arenztopian Elections.


by Tony Yuan


Huge IPO
coming up
But Arenztopian Stocks
continue declining.


by Owen Miyazoi

On Wednesday, Dr. William Harting, a prominent retired doctor at Olb City University Hospital who pioneered many medical techniques, passed away at the age of 88 after a long, 10-year battle with lung cancer. He is estimated to have saved over 350 lives over his long, 48-year career. He is survived by his wife, Daisy Harting, and his 2 children; 3 grandchildren; and 5 great-grandchildren. Call the William Harting Memorial Hotline at 680-353-4654 to show sympathy.