Issue 1

The Olb City Announcer

Volume 1, Issue 1 March 1st- March 7th, 2020

Gold Mine Found!

by Tony Yuan and Clint Lee; edited by Lorenzo Avila

West AM District-On Tuesday, an ancient gold mine was found in the district of West AM, known to locals as West-A-Mountain district. The gold mine was discovered by Jack Peterson, a native resident, when he was volunteering to pick up trash. Says Mr. Peterson, “I was walking around, minding my own business, when I spotted a large hole in the hillside. I peeked in, and something shiny caught my eye.” Mr. Peterson immediatly called the ASO (Arenzish Scientific Office), and on Thursday the mine was revealed to be one of the biggest mines in Arenztopia's history. Experts estimate that there could be about 500 karats of high-quality gold in the giant cavern. It is still a mystery why the miners abandoned the prosperous mine. Sadly, on Friday the mine collaped as a result of damp ground, and killed 50 people as well as 3 children. Rescuers rescued 28 more people from suffocation.


by Tony Yuan; edited by Lorenzo Avila

On Wednesday, a famous jeweler of the Olb City area announced that it would buy a section of the new mine to look for gold to use in its high-quality jewelry. After the collapse of the mine, the company lost 1.2 million Arenzos.


by Clint Lee

Yesterday, the Arenzish Atmospheres defeated the Simpoir Snakes by 1 point (0-1). There was a tie in the first and second quarters, and the Atmospheres scored a penalty kick through the goal. “I've never beaten a famous team in the Arenzish Major Leagues before,” says Martin Aran, a team member of the Arenzish Atmospheres. Now, the Atmospheres are going to the semifinals to face the Canopian Cobras.


by Mezoir Logan

In Arenztopia next week, it should be an average of 35 degrees celsius and cloudy.


by John Mavelin, CEO of Arenztopia Police Co; edited by Lorenzo Avila.

Last night, a family reported to hear screams from their neighbor's house. Police hurried to the scene, only to find a crying mother, wailing about her husband and child being tortured and brought away to a place called “The Woodchuck Zone”. The nation's greatest detectives were put on the case, but nobody can figure out what The Woodchuck Zone is.

Notice: If you have any additional information about The Woodchuck Zone, please contact the Arenzish Police.


Olb City Music Fest
March 2nd to March 6th
Featuring all of Arenztopia's most prominent singers.

Revolution Memories
March 1st to April 20th
The Olb City Art Museum is hosting an exhibit of Arenztopian Revolution-era paintings and drawings.

Rare book discovered in archives

by Owen Miyazoi

On Saturday, a rare book was discovered among the millions of manuscripts kept in the Olb City National Library. It is a copy of the book “Bottles of Blood”, which recounts the entire Arenztopian Revolution as told from the view of a young American soldier. The book was a flop, and the only two copies ever made were in this person's handwriting.
“Lined up on the shelves were bottles of blood, bottles of blood, bottles of blood.” -From the book Bottles of Blood


by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

March is always a time of elation for the Announcer, and this week has particular signifigance, with the gold mine being found, and the Olb City Music Fest rocking the city.


by Owen Miyazoi

On Tuesday, a beloved local grandmother named Mary Lee Kilgrif passed away at the age of 105. Formerly the oldest resident of Olb City, Mrs. Kilgrif was a very sweet woman. Call 650-689-3036 to show sympathy.

Weather 2

by Mezoir Logan

On the early morning of Wednesday, a large storm occured over the state of Uivrmw, causing strong winds and lightning strikes. Ferocious thunder terrorized the grand Spanish villas below.


by Tony Yuan



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Bookstore Revives Book

by Owen Miyazoi

After finding a copy of the book Bottles of Blood, bookstore owner Kanone Mukek decided to publish the book again. Bottles of Blood has become a bestseller. see Rare Book Discovered in Archives

Store Established

by Sam-Louis Alrocaet

On 1st street, a shop owner named Casey Minekoe purchased a highly coveted property and announced that she would be starting a sports bar called The Six Knives.

Coronavirus Report

by Owen Miyazoi

For the next month, we will be including a report on the coronavirus situation in Arenztopia. Today, one person has been known to have the coronavirus which is 67-year old Bob Jackson He is currently in quarantine.