Living in Arenztopia

Arenztopia is a vibrant country, with a plentiful economy and lots of people. In this section of the website you will learn everything you need to know about living in Arenztopia.


In Arenztopia, you can find a wide array of diverse homes and apartments. Here are some of the best.

AZC Deluxe Apartments ($$) is an apartment complex in the vibrant suburban parts of Arenztopia City with a modern vibe. Options include a 1 bedroom option and a two bedroom option. The 1 bedroom option has a monthly rent of 2,000 Arenzos. It features a full kitchen, small bathroom, and living area, plus a small laundry room/closet. It is 615 square feet and is ideal for one person. The two bedroom option includes two and a half bathrooms and a living area, plus a full kitchen and large laundry room. It is 700 square feet and costs 6,000 Arenzos. Pets are allowed in both types of flat. Amenities include a game room, indoor pool, and sports fields. Reviews say that the apartment complex is perfect in every way, except it is located next to a freeway and a very popular sports bar, so it can get quite noisy sometimes. Visit their website at

Bleu Apartments ($) is a semi-rustic apartment complex in the heart of Olb City. All flats are one bedroom, half a bath, and a full kitchen with living area; this is all in a small, 450-square foot area. Pets are allowed as long as they are not noisy and as long as they do not pee on the floors. The rent is 2,000 Arenzos monthly. Amenities include a pool, laundry room, and complimentary residents-only cafe. Bleu also has convenient access to the freeway, although reviews say that the traffic can get very busy during the rush hour. It is the top-rated cheap apartment in Olb City. Visit their website at

The Chief Complex ($$$) is a modern and colorful complex in the heart of Arenztopia City. All flats are 775 square feet with two bedrooms, 1 and a half baths, full kitchen, living area, and seperate dining area, plus a large laundry room and closet. Pets are allowed at a monthly fee of 200 Arenzos. The rent is 7,000 to 8,000 Arenzos monthly. It has beach front access, but this means that it can get pretty noisy sometimes. There is a cafe at street level but it fills up quickly in the mornings. It is ideal for families that make a decent amount of money. Visit their website at

Don't want to live in an apartment? Check out these highly-rated neighborhoods.

The Natania Circle ($$) is a suburban neighborhood in Natania City. All houses are three bedroom, two and a half bath, with a living area, dining room, full kitchen, outdoor deck, and large closets and laundry room. They sell for 900,000 Arenzos and are 2,100 square feet; however, you can rent them for 75,000 Arenzos monthly. The houses are arranged in a circle around an outdoor area featuring a pool, park, and dog park. The public schools nearby have an average AES (Arenztopian Education Score) of 4.25 out of 5. The neighborhood features easy access to an HEB and two strip malls. Visit their website at

Hfyfiyzm ($$$) is a gated neighborhood on the outskirts of Arenztopia City. The large and accordingly expensive houses all have the same basic stats of 7 bedrooms, 6 baths, a pool, a reception area, a very large living area, an outdoor dining room and kitchen, an indoor dining room and kitchen, and a deck on the second floor. The houses are a whopping 6,500 square feet, and come in three styles. People say that it is ideal for large families who earn lots of money. You can buy one for 1,750,000 Arenzos. The average AES (Arenztopian Education Score) of the schools nearby is 4.75 out of 5. There is easy access to a large park and several strip malls, as well as two HEBs. Visit their website at

Noi City Heights ($$$) is a neighborhood located near downtown Noi City. Noi City Heights, just like the city it is located in, is a bustling site with lots of activity and modern vibes. The houses are large with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a walk in freezer, and a pool. They also include a large living area and 2 dining rooms. The houses are a good 2500 square feet. The average cost for the houses are 500,000 Arenzos. The average AES (Arenztopian Education Score) of the surrounding area is an amazing 4.95 out of 5. The community is located near many grocery stores and restaraunts. Visit their website at


In Arenztopia there are many ways to get around from Point A to Point B.

Car ($$) The car industry in Arenztopia is dominated by Arenztopia Motors (AM), AEV, and Tellurium Group (TG), with foreign companies making up just 45% of the market. Cars are the dominant mode of transportation in Arenztopia. One of the best car dealerships is Jack Sawyerton Arenztopian Cars. They have locations all over the country and offer cars at a lower price than any other dealer, with a very long warranty and free emergency servicing.

Subway ($) The subway systems of Arenztopia are governed under the SRD (Subway Regulation Department) of the Bureau of Transportation. Many major cities have subways: Arenztopia City, Olb City, Noi City, Hasiania, Chanlania, and Shersville all have extensive subway systems. The standard price for a one-way ticket is two Arenzos, and you can buy a subscription-type MetroPass for 10 dollars a month.

Train ($$) There are many types of trains in Arenztopia. The foremost passenger train is the ABTVN-T-B bullet train, which runs alongside all the major highways. It can get from Arenztopia City to Olb City in just over 7 hours. Light rail systems run through the downtowns of Olb City and Arenztopia City, and the HIA (Hasiania International Airport), SIA (Shersville International Airport), OCIA (Olb City International Airport), and ACIA (Arenztopia City International Airport) all have monorail systems. The standard starting fare for the ABTVN-T-B is ten Arenzos, and the price increases by two Arenzos for each mile that you travel. The light rail systems of Olb City and Arenztopia City both have staring fares of two Arenzos, and this increases by one Arenzo for every half a mile that you travel. A great long-distance train option is the Lirvmg Express, which goes just about everywhere in Arenztopia and has a starting fare of two Arenzos, with a further two Arenzos added for every mile that you travel. Many of the other passenger train options have adopted the fare system used by the Lirvmg Express as well.

Bus ($) There are many types of bus in Arenztopia. Tour companies offer long-distance trips throughout the country, competing with the government-endorsed ABTVN-B-LD long-distance bus network. All the cities have bus systems in one form or another; the universal starting fare is 1 Arenzo, and this increases by 1 Arenzo for every half a mile that you travel.

Taxi ($) The taxi is an efficient way to travel around major cities. They are governed under the TRC (Taxi Regulation Committee) of the Bureau of Transportation. The universal starting fare is 1 and a half Arenzos, and this increases by one Arenzo for every half a mile you travel. The main taxi company in Arenztopia is the ABCVG-C-T network, which competes against the main private taxi company, Itaxin. Most taxis are AEV C-220 Lombard Mk II Taxis, more commonly known as the AEV Lombard Taxi. TG Lanskes are also seen, as well as AM Washingtons and AM Ganshalls.

Plane ($$) Planes are a quick and fast way to get from one end of Arenztopia to the other. All major airlines such as Delta, United, and Arenztopia Airways all offer domestic flights within Arenztopia. Another good domestic airline is SC Air, which provides quick, cheap, and comfortable flights to just about any airport in Arenztopia. Prices vary; a cross-country flight is about 300 Arenzos and a short, city-to-city hop is about 30 Arenzos.

Boat ($) Arenztopia has many long rivers, so a boat is certainly an option to get around. The Tortoise and Arenztopia rivers both have boat taxi programs, with a universal fare of 2 Arenzos, and an increase of 1 Arenzo for every half a mile that you travel. There are also many river ferries; the foremost is the ABTVN-S-RF ferry, which travels down all major rivers. Oceanic ferries are available too; these ferry people to and from coastal towns and off-coast attractions. Prices vary; a river ferry trip down a major river such as the Tortoise, Hernandez, or Arenztopia costs about 160 Arenzos, and a tour down the city-surrounded part of a river costs about 40 Arenzos. An oceanic ferry to a major attraction such as Thunberg National Marine Reserve costs about 50 Arenzos, and an oceanic ferry to and from two coastal cities such as Hillsbury and Canopia costs about 40 Arenzos.


There are many good-paying and easy jobs in Arenztopia. Here are some of the best.

Pilot ($$) is a very popular job in Arenztopia. It requires much training but pays an average of 20,000 Arenzos per month, enough to live in a luxury neighborhood. If you like flying and are interested in how planes work, then you can sign up for beginner pilot academy at

Dripping Cone Employee ($$$) is a very sought-after job. It requires a medium amount of training: just how to clean the ice cream machine, how to talk to customers and other basics. It pays up to 21,000 Arenzos a month. If you like ice cream and talking to people, sign up at

Teacher ($$$) is a very respected job. Unlike in many countries, teachers in Arenztopia are very well paid at 35,000 Arenzos a month on average. It does require a master's degree in college and 1 year of teacher shadowing. If you like teaching children and interacting with other people, sign up at for public schools or for private schools.

Store Owner ($$) Lots of people in Arenztopia own small businesses. Small businesses can claim tax credits and take loans with decreased interest. Depending on how successful your business is, you can make anywhere from six thousand to 17 thousand Arenzos per year.

IT Worker ($$-$$$) IT worker is a popular job in Arenztopia. Fluency in coding with most popular coding languages is required, but if you do not have these skills some universities offer excellent coding classes. A beginning-level IT worker in Arenztopia can make somewhere around 8,000 Arenzos per month, which is a decent salary. Senior IT workers can make somewhere around 25,000 Arenzos per month, which is enough to live in a luxury neighborhood.

Artist ($-$$$) Artists of every style are widely accepted throughout Arenztopia. Any good artist can sell their work to a specialist gallery for at least 1,000 Arenzos, and often much more than that. Some of the highest prices for beginner artists’ artwork in Arenztopia hover around two million Arenzos.

Author ($$) Authors earn more in Arenztopia than they do in many other countries. A hired writer can make an average of 17,000 Arenzos per month, while a freelance one might make somewhere around 10,000 Arenzos per month.

Food and Groceries

There are many places to get food and groceries in Arenztopia. Here are some of the best.

HEB ($) HEB is a supermarket. They offer quick service, low prices, and quality food. Nearly every neighborhood in Arenztopia has easy access to an HEB. Visit their website at

680 Pizza ($$) 680 Pizza is a pizza shop headquartered in downtown Olb City. It has branch locations all over Arenztopia. 680 Pizza has lower prices than most premium pizza shops, and its pizzas are healthier than the ones you get at fast food stores.

Dripping Cone ($$) Dripping Cone is the world's largest ice cream company, with nearly as many stores as McDonalds. They have nearly every flavor of ice cream and every type of candy. Visit their website at

AZ SuperMarket ($$) AZ SuperMarket is a popular Arenztopian supermarket which has good food, cheap prices, and locations all over the country. They are open 24/7. Visit their website at

Tllwullw Foods ($) Tllwullw Foods is a cheap supermarket found all over Arenztopia. It provides high-quality food at a low price. It is open 5 days a week from 9am to 9pm. Visit their website at